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John Dewey High School 2020-2021

* If a student is interested please contact the advisor to gain access to the club classroom.

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Club Schedule


2:55 Stock Market Club Mr. Pagano

3:00 Hip-Hop Club Mr. Butler

3:00 Cosplay Club Mr. Schwartzberg

4:00 Model UN Ms. Balsamo

4:00 Cinema Club Mr. Prempeh

4:30 Minecraft Club Mr. Ahmed


3:00 Health & Fitness Club Mr. Li

3:00 Music Club Mr. Schwartzberg & Mr. Farrell or

3:00 Photography Club Mr. Butler

3:00 Design/Fashion Club Ms. Wolkoff

3:00 Literary Magazine (LIT Mag) Ms. Cifferelli & Mr. Sinclair or

3:00 Computer Design Club Ms. Hooker

4:00 K-Pop Club Ms. Abbatemarco


3:00 Life After High School Club Mr. Rahim

3:00 Dance Club Ms. Green

3:00 Chess Club Ms. Caro

3:00 Knitting Club Ms. Cifferelli

3:00 International Culinary Club Ms. Chan & Mr. Artzt or

3:00 My Life, My Future Ms. Mazzola

3:00 Chinese Club Mr. Serna

3:00 Video Game Club Mr. Ali

4:30 Key Club Ms. Howell


3:00 Sign Language Club Mr. Schweitzer

3:00 Sweatbox Club Ms. Dituri

3:00 PC Gaming Club Mr. But

3:00 Political Discussions Club Mr. Limbach

3:00 Art Club Ms. Escalera

3:00 Mindfulness: My Mind, body, soul sanctuary Mr. Artzt, Mr. Glick and Ms. Ponce or or

4:00 Women of Color Alliance (WOCA) Ms. Gayle

4:00 Student Council Ms. Grace

4:00 Vietnamese Language and Culture Club Ms. Murphy

4:30 Dewey Medical Explorers Club Ms. Howell


3:00 Health & Fitness Club Mr. Li

3:00 English Conversation Club Ms. El Amri

3:00 Robotics Mr. Dispenza

3:00 Muslim Students Association (MSA) Mr. Rahim

3:00 Yoga Club Ms. Fisher

3:00 Dramatics Club Ms. Grant

3:00 Multimedia Club Mr. Sands

4:00 Science Magazine Mr. Parkansky

4:00 My Sister's Keeper (MSK) Ms. Gayle

4:00 My Brothers's Keeper (MBK) Mr. Megie & Mr. Prempeh or

4:30 Anime Club Ms. Li

Contact Advisor For:

LGBTQ Club Ms. Johnson

Club Descriptions

English Conversation Club

The objectives of this club would be 1) to rehearse scripted lines much like is practiced in Adult ESL classes based on a weekly topic 2) Allow for freeform question and answer among each other and with an adult. These questions can relate directly to the topic, school or current events.

Cinema Club

This club will be a space to watch, critique, discuss and enjoy an array of films while creating connections amongst one another.

Dewey Medical Explorers Club

“Our Path, Our Future!”

Our Ideology: Underrepresented minority (URM) students or low income students are significantly less likely to pursue a career in the medical field due to limited economic & educational resources.

Goal: To get students from minority and usually disadvantaged groups to gain an interest in the medical field and explore the various careers available to them if they chose to pursue medicine.

Explore the various careers offered in the medical field.park an interest towards the medical field amongst our club members, by the students for the students.Collaborate with clubs that have similar ideologies as ours in schools throughout Brooklyn via zoom or other online video conferencing services.Research which career is right for us and plan our steps towards getting that respective career. Including ( College, medical school, nursing school, and etc.)

Dramatics Club

Verbal, written and acting skills.

Health & Fitness Club

In the club we would focus on learning about basic nutrition, importance of activity, and promoting more conscious actions revolving around health (e.g. step counts, avoiding certain processed foods, etc).

International Culinary Club

Chefs will provide demos to students using recipes voted on and/or shared by students, families and JDHS community. Students and JDHS will participate in a recipe share from their personal lives, passed down family recipes and/or recipes they want to try. Students will also be given the chance to facilitate a demo for the club. We are hoping we can use this club to share recipes, experiences, memories, and stories with one another and maybe even bring the families and JDHS staff into the lives segments to cook with the students. Students will also be able to document their cooking experiences through pre-recorded segments to share with the club. All members are required to complete a safety contract and parent/student consent form prior to participating in the club.

Key CLub

"Key club is an international, student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership." - Key Club Mission Statement

The club meets regularly to plan and organize service initiatives in the community. There are many leadership positions in the club that can teach students valuable skills. Students get to run the club themselves and decide how they want to support the community. Because the key club is international and recognized by many, it looks great on job and college applications.

Knitting Club

Bring your own needles and yarn to knitting club! Knitting club is a weekly, hour-long knitting tutorial with Ms. Cifferelli. You can bring your own supplies or come and join our knitting community. Learn to make scarves, headbands, hats, tops, and more while also learning a fun and easy quarantine activity.

Life After High School Club

The purpose of this club would be to facilitate the transition from high school to the real world. Such topics are not traditionally taught in school, but hold a valuable role in securing and maintaining a position in a company or when seeking to start your own company. Topics include writing a Resume, navigating workplace politics, Organization skills, Time management, Interviewing skills, Selling ideas, and other interests students have.

Literary Magazine (LIT Mag)

Do you write for fun? Have a story to tell? Wrote a poem you want to share? Draw or photograph something? Join the Literary Magazine! Lit Mag is a digital publication that publishes student work including short stories, opinion pieces, poems, photography, and visual art. English teachers will write and critique your work, making you a better writing. In our second year, we have a rotating writing and art team that contributes work monthly. Interested? Ms. Cifferelli and Mr. Sinclair want to hear YOUR voice!

Mindfulness: my mind, body, & soul sanctuary

Our clubs focus is to help you deal with the stress of daily life. If you ever found yourself frustrated, agitated, or restless? Do you find you get anger pretty quickly? Do you want to learn to focus more to get better grades? Then our club may be for you! We will focus on grounding techniques and practical strategies to help us get better at life. We will include different strategies including Mindfulness. Mindfulness Practice is a mental training practice that teaches you to slow down racing thoughts, let go of negativity, and calm both your mind and body. Mindfulness techniques can vary, but in general, mindfulness involves a breathing practice and awareness of body and mind. The more centered we become, the better the brain works in making difficult decisions.

Minecraft Club

This is a game that places students in an immersive environment where they can build and create blocks (similar to Legos). Currently, the software is available for free for NYC students and all they would need is a Windows/Mac computer or an iPad to access it. The purpose of the club would be to teach students about teamwork, collaboration, and most importantly help reduce their anxieties during these stressful times. All student interactions would be.

Music Club

Music Club will be an all around forum for music discussion, appreciation, history, sharing and listening. Everyone brings their own musical tastes and preferences and will come together to expand their musical world and learn more about each other and the world of music through a journey ranging from genres, decades, styles from independent to billboard hits to non-commercial mass appeal. Music old and new will be explored with the goal of everyone taking away an experience that brings them not only closer to music, but themselves and each other.

My Brother's Keeper (MBK)

MBK focuses on building safe and supportive communities within our school as well as in alliance with other neighboring schools for boys and young men of color where they feel valued and have clear pathways to opportunity.

My Sister's Keeper (MSK)

MSK is dedicated to equipping and empowering a diverse community of women in their educational pursuits and goals, acquisition of life skills, and personal and professional development. This is accomplished primarily through the medium of professional coaching, mentoring relationships and partnerships with other organizations that address the needs of women.

My Life, My Future

This club will explore and research college and careers using virtual trips and tours. Help students gain a better understanding of themselves and their future choices while exploring the transition from high school to college and beyond. Students will also be given the opportunity to get involved in virtual community service projects.

Multimedia Club

The purpose of the Multimedia Club will be to consume, analyze, and discuss works of film, television, audio, and print media. The club will meet weekly to choose a piece of media that we will all engage with. That media will be shared with the group at no cost to the student via live streaming on a club Discord server. After the media has been consumed, students will be prompted to discuss themes, motifs, imagery, and other stylistic elements that compose the media and how each of these elements added to or subtracted from the experience. Students will be encouraged to record these responses into written reviews. There will also be time allotted to simply discuss what the students found fun about the piece, and how the piece made them feel.

Photography Club

This is going to be a fun club where we share photos, learn some photography and editing techniques, and explore topics that YOU are interested in.


Our mission is to inspire our youth to be leaders by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build skills in science and technology as well as knowledge in engineering and mathematics. Students are encouraged to develop innovative trains of thought, and foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

Science Magazine

The mission of the John Dewey HS Science Magazine is to showcase the hard work of students within the science department.

Stock Market Club

The goal is to educate students about personal finance and investing while having fun. Students will take part in a semester-long stock market challenge, engage in weekly discussions about the news that shapes the market, and watch movies related to investing. Involvement in the club will have synchronous (Google meets) and asynchronous elements (stock market game and discussion board).

Student Council

This club is our chance to help John Dewey plan student events, help out members of our school community, and (of course) have some fun.

Women of Color Alliance (WOCA)

WOCA will be focused on gender neutral topics, community service, and peer to peer outreach.