Media Matters April 2014

News, Helpful Hints, and Upcoming Opportunities

Password-Protecting the Guest Network

As of Wednesday night, Lincoln's Guest Network will be password-protected. How will this affect the Lincoln community?

1) Student devices will no longer automatically logon to the network when a student arrives on campus.

2) Our faculty will be able to access the Guest network with their personal devices by using the password given to us by Tech. Services.

3) If they choose, a teacher may type the password onto a guest speaker's device to use while they are at Lincoln.

4) Teachers should not give out the password to students, but may type the password onto a student device for temporary educational purposes.

5) The password will be changed (and staff will be notified) if the network becomes saturated due to accidental sharing of the password.

6) The STAFF password can be accessed at Lincoln Sharepoint

Media Monday - April 14th

Helpful hints: Getting email to update, accessing Sharepoint Media files, Webpage work

Several people have reported that their email wasn't updating. During the first 10 minutes of each grade-level planning session, I will share a helpful hint for getting email to update properly. I will also show how to access SharePoint Media files for anyone who needs that information. At least 6 computers will be available for teacher webpage work and I will be available to assist with webpage construction. All sessions are optional.