Presidents Day 2016

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How Presidents Overcame Tough Times

While we usually focus on Washington and Lincoln around Presidents' Day, some students may have an interest in other Presidents as well.

Here is the assignment:

Pick a President that you find interesting. It can be George Washington or Abraham Lincoln, but you also may want to pick another president -- really, any one that you would like. Here are just a few examples of what they had to deal with:

Harry Truman had to decide whether or not to order a nuclear weapon to be dropped on Japan as a way of ending World War II.

Lyndon Johnson had to decide about giving more people, especially Blacks, voting rights, and he had to decide what to do about the was in Vietnam.

Woodrow Wilson wanted to bring about world peace by creating something he called the League of Nations.

Ulysses Grant had to decide how to move the United States forward after the Civil War.

Bill Clinton came into office during a time when our economy was in terrible shape.

John F. Kennedy learned that the Soviet Union had sent missiles to Cuba, less than 60 miles away from the United States border in Florida.

Thomas Jefferson wanted the United States to grow larger, stronger, and to have more freedom. Of course, all of these Presidents did other things as well.

Look up some things that the President you chose did that were important. Pick one or two of these things that you find most interesting and put them together in a presentation. Think about the obstacles they faced in trying to get things done. Who was against them? Why? What did they do? Give some basic info and tell us what can you learn about the life of the president and why should we celebrate them?

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