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November 13, 2020

A Message from our Principal...

Dear Jefferson Families / Queridos families de Jefferson,

I am astonished that we are two weeks into November and Thanksgiving is just two weeks away. We have now traveled 55 learning days together - family and school hand-in-hand. This is not how we had hoped that the year would go, and we deeply lament that our students are not physically in school. We worry continually about what our students are missing and how we could fill in the gaps. However, I was recently reminded that in the midst of all the challenges of remote learning and dealing with this pandemic, I should not think so much about the gaps, but in the gains. We have gained a lot. Nearly every family now has WIFI and at least one computing device. Nearly every parent/guardian knows what their child is learning about. Teachers and students connect more personally because they each have a glimpse into each others’ homes, and see the reality of how we each live outside of the school. Students are teaching teachers. Teachers are teaching families members. Younger siblings are teaching older siblings. Families are teaching administrators! We are all learning programs and apps that make communications easier so that we can build stronger relationships. Our community has worked tirelessly to help families with food insecurity. Materials and supplies have been gathered and distributed to families in record numbers. I have seen unceasing creativity, ingenuity and problem solving. We (families and school) are working together to provide positive and quality school experiences for all students. On top of that, everyone has exhibited patience and grace with one another as we slowly figure it all out. I believe that we have gained far more that we may have lost. I’ll wager that our students will remember that we have done our best. Students are still learning. They are learning every day - in our expanded classrooms. Together, side-by-side (literally and figuratively), we are making it work.

Thank you for continuing to walk this new path with us. We look forward to the day when we are back in the building with your children. Meanwhile, we are here at Jefferson School for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a need, a question, a concern or just want to talk.

Warm regards,

Dr. Judy Floeter

Jefferson School

815-943-6464 x 2402

Meet Some of Jefferson's Specials Teachers!

1st Quarter Celebration Photos

Please click on the pdf below to view some of our students in their costumes or pajamas for our celebration!!

Winter Coat Vouchers

Jefferson Families,

If anyone in your family is in need of a winter coat please contact Mrs. Julie or Mr.Jason to obtain a coat vouchure. The vouchure can then be taken to the Salvation Army Store in McHenry for a coat.

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Harvard Families, This is the Last Week to Sign Up!

2020 has brought many challenges and has caused us to make many changes in the way we do just about everything. Harvard Christmas Giving Tree is no exception. The health and safety of our Harvard families is our #1 priority. So this year we will be offering a contactless experience.

If you are in need of assistance this year we have a new process that goes as follows.

Step 1- Call 815-770-0142

Leave a message with your full name and phone number in English or Spanish.

Step 2- Wait for someone to return your call to set up a time for your virtual application. During this time please download and set up a free account with Google Duo or Zoom. This is how you will do your application on the date that you set up with the volunteer.

Step 3- Make sure you have all of your documents ready for your application appointment. Proof of income, proof of address, and verification of children living with you, date of birth required on document.

Step 4- Your application appointment. A volunteer will call you on the date set up during step 2 to go over your information. Once application is complete you will await further information from the Local Church who will be providing the assistance for your family.

Step 5- You will be contacted by the local church as to how and when you will receive your assistance for your family.

Step 6- Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

Deadline for completed application process is November 20th.

Please contact us as soon as possible to ensure you make the deadline.

Telehealth is here! Listen to Maria's story!

Bee Mindful...

Telehealth is here! Listen to Maria's story! Sleeping more? Struggling to engage or stay focused? Experiencing atypical behavior? Find strategies to address these issues, find support to help you or a loved one. Remember "it's okay to not be okay" ... we are all in this together so please don't suffer in silence. Use the new service directory at: - McHenry County Mental Health Board for call us at 815-455-2828 for resources. #teens #selfharm #selfesteem #depression #anxiety #insomnia #eatingdisorder #domesticviolence #mentalhealth #suicideprevention #suicide #alcoholic #drugs #substanceuse #addiction #help #Idontnowheretoturn

Mrs. Julie & Mr. Jason

Parent's Corner

Hello Jefferson families!

There are TWO different learning options that D50 is hopeful to have for the second-semester.

If you have not filled out the survey, you can complete it here: Second Semester Survey

Families received the survey via email on October 30th, We request that all families complete the form by *Monday, November 16th.*

Dr. Tafoya has talked through the two different options! If you would like a little more explanation, please watch his video here: View Dr. Tafoya’s Message


Marque sus calendarios para nuestro próximo taller con el Dr. Ferney Ramirez, a las 6:30-8pm el 19 de noviembre sobre:


SAVE THE DATES - NO se lo pierdan!

Most Sincerely,

Alisha Fregoso Durán

Bilingual Parent Community Liaison

Harvard Community Unit School District 50

815-943-6464 Ext. 2448

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We Are Here For You!!

Please contact us if you need anything at all. Principal Student Support Facilitator

(815)216-5709 Social Worker Social Worker

(847) 497-5945 Parent Community Liaison

(779) 803-4255

Jefferson Elementary School

Harvard School District 50

1200 N. Jefferson St.

Harvard, IL 60033