What`s Trending in Math and Science

November 17-21 2014

This week at LCE

Canned Food Drive Week - Sixth Grade - Canned Fruit

Monday- Computer Lab & Library

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday- LCE Jog-a-thon! Wear your jog-a-thon shirt!, Music

Thursday - Science Vocabulary Quiz, 3.1 & 3.4, Progress Reports

Friday - Early dismissal - Collaboration Day - Mid-Unit Math Assessment

Upcoming Events for your Calendar

11/24-11/28 Fall Break - No School

12/5 LCHS Orchestra Performance 1:50

12/11 Vocabulary Quiz Science 3.2 & 3.4

12/12 Unit 5 Ratio and Proportion Test

12/18 STAR

12/18 Spirit Rally 10:30

12/19 No School - Winter Break Begins

1/5 School Resumes


We have just started our Unit on Ratios. Students are learning to compare two quantities, using their experiences with multiplicative comparisons (she has 3 times as many strikeouts as I do, He brought twice as many boxes of kleenex as she did...). Students have already begun looking at the relationships between equivalent ratios and how to use ratio tables to help them solve real world context problems.

Students will also learn to use a double number line as a mathematical representation of ratios, and, by Friday, students will be using ratio tables, equations, and double number lines to help them find ordered pairs by solving equations such as (y=3x) and then graph those ordered pairs on coordinate planes.

Friday: Mid-Unit Assessment


We are beginning a unit on Earth`s Energy. This week, students are reviewing kinetic and potential energy before turning their focus on heat flow and how heat transfers through the different states of matter, specifically, they will be looking at what is happening at the molecular level that causes heat to transfer from one object or area to another.

Students will be experimenting to explore convection and conduction, and they will be studying about how people are harnessing the power of heat as a clean, efficient form of energy.

Be sure to check out class instagram account for pictures of our sixth grade scientists at work!

Collaboration Day

Friday is a Teacher collaboration Day. I will be updating the 'Parent Resources" tab on the website with what we worked on this Friday.