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Improve Care, Reduce Costs, Accelerate Change

Why You Need the AIMM Collaborative

  • Easily leverage a proven model that achieves the Triple Aim of improving care delivery, improving patient outcomes and reducing health costs for your system

  • Share best practices and celebrate successes with diverse community health care organizations nationwide

  • Do all of this within the context of the work you already do every day

The AIMM Collaborative (AIMMc) makes all of these aspirations possible—helping your organization accelerate progress and reach the next level of coordinated health care.

AIMMc integrates comprehensive medication management into the care of your system’s high-risk patients suffering from multiple chronic health conditions. We help you bring these patients to goal with a model sustained by new payer arrangements.

Learn how to develop your model and valuable payer connections through: interactive virtual and live events, personal exchanges with learning coaches, a collaborative all-teach, all-learn environment and a Change Package that helps you build on your improvements. In one year, you can make significant progress and accelerate your system transformation.

A Proven Catalyst of Positive Change

Supported by the Alliance for Integrated Medication Management, AIMMc builds on what we know works to initiate real and sustainable change. Through our model:

  • Share Our Selves community health center improved the health status of 70% of their high-risk population to “under control” in one year.
  • Apple Discount Drugs’ three-year effort improved glucose control, recognized and prevented adverse drug events (ADEs), and reduced hospital readmission.
  • Our teams overall have achieved an average reduction of 33% in ADEs per patient.

Alliance for Integrated Medication Management

A non-profit organization working to support wide-spread adoption of team-based medication management services into the care of high-risk, high-cost patients suffering from multiple chronic health conditions.

Join Forces Today

Put the power of many to work for your patients and your organization. To learn more about the AIMMc and how to transform your organization, visit, or email us at

“Participation in the collaborative has helped us understand and deliver health care services that meet the needs of our community patient population.”

—Crescent Community Health Center and Mercy Family Pharmacy, Dubuque, Iowa