Animal Testing

By: Melissa Maldonado

Animal Testing Intro (This Text Structure is Description)

What is animal testing? Is animal testing bad? Is animal testing effective? All of these questions have one thing in common. Animal testing. Animal testing is when companies test their products on animals to see what effects they would do on humans. Animal testing might not be considered bad for us, but it definitely is bad for the animals.

The Way Animal Testing Works (Sequence of Events)

Scientists test some products on animals first to make sure they're safe for humans, since that's the law.This process is necessary so that scientists make sure that the product is safe for humans.Animal testing isn't effective most of the times for humans, even though it has bad effects for the animals being tested with sometimes.First scientists use animals for research, then the animals are put through pain and suffering by being experimented on.Finally, animals are tested on with extremely dangerous products.

Animal Testing Problem (Problem & Solution)

Animal testing is a problem all over the world which can be solved if you did the right thing and STOP animal testing.Animal testing got started by the makeup company Lash Lure in the 1930s. The Lash Lure company used to make mascara which contained paraphenylenediamine (PPD), a coal tar dye which is used in the hairdressing industry.

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