Career Project

Sascha Goldberg

Future Plans

As of today November 5th, 2015 I picture myself finishing medical school and starting out as a nurse. I will have 3 kids, two twin girls and one boy. I will be married to a wonderful husband and live in Texas or California in a house big enough for my family. My mom, dad, sister and I would live close by me so we could have dinner together and visit each other. I would be driving a red porsche cayan convertable. I would name my boy Matt and my two girls Hope and Crystal. My husband would visit me for lunch every now and then or on special ocassion. Thats were I picture myself in the future.
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Personality Test

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Describes the color orange.

Online Career Test

Realistic: 0

Investigative: 16

Artistic: 6

Social: 27

Enterprising: 16

Conventional: 1

People with social interests like working with others to help them learn and grow. They like working with machines, objects, or information.

They like:


-Giving Advice

-Helping and being of service to people

Personality Essay

HI! My name is Sascha Goldberg and i'm a very sweet, caring, nuturing girl. When I was young I had trouble learning as fast as others did. I get really bored easy but I love to find shared traits with people. I'm very social and not so much artistic. I LOVE, LVE, LOVE teaching and helping people. I like giving advice like a therapist. Its the best though! I love to run and be outside and just be in nature. When I took the personality test I got orange which also told men I was all of these things. When I get older I want to be a pediatrician. When I took the test it said I would be the best at it. I would be able to interact with kids. I love ids so much! It allows me to help kids which makes me happy and allows me to be social. Lets me give advice to kids/parents and help them both. Maybe even save a life.

Career Choices

-Counter Attendance


-Critical Care Nurses

-Kindergarten Teacher


-Middle School Teacher

-Elementary School Teacher

-Preschool Teacher

-Respitary Therapist

-Social Worker

Top Three Jobs


-Rehabiliation Counselor

-Nurse Midwives


I want to be a pediatrician because I love to work with kids and help them. It allows me to be social. I really like to help people out and I think its a perfect job for me.
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Top 3 Colleges

-Texas Womens University

-Baylor University

-University of North Texas

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Number One College

I think Texas Womens University would be the best for me. Its affordable, and is near home. It also has a great nurse class and most of the time the jobs that have to do with medicine and they see you went to to. They will accept you.

Shows the Texas Women's University fight song.

Texas Reality Check



Housing $770

Utilities $384

Food $400

Transportation $733

Clothes $375

Health Care $169

Personal $1475

Entertainment $225

Misc $750

Savings $214

Student Debt Loan $391


Monthly Expenses $4,886


Annual Expenses $58,637

Taxes ( 25% of Annual Expenses) $14,654


Annual Salary Needed $73,296

Texas Reality Check Parargraph

These monthly expenses will give me an extra 113,904 thousands dollars. My salary would be $187,200. I would if the prices were these prices I would be paying $73,296 thousand dollars. I would have enough money to upgrade and buy new things. With the extra money I could also afford to pay back the loans if I used loans to pay for college. I could put more interest in my bank.