What's Happening at Willow Creek?

Dr. Lacei Koffi, Principal - lkoffi@ems-isd.net

Building your child's vocabulary...

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Building vocabulary can be fun and exciting!

Students love to learn new words, and it is very exciting when they are acknowledged for using their smart words. Remember to speak to your child with rich vocabulary. When children hear a word they do not understand, they are likely to ask what the word means. This provides a great opportunity for discussion and word meaning in context.

Consider starting a "Smart Word Journal" with your child. As your child learns a new word, have them write the word in the journal and make a connection to the word. The connection can be to draw a picture, write a sentence with the word, or write the meaning in their own words.

Dr. Koffi's Book of the Week

Dr. Koffi's Book of the Week 11-16-15

Books with great vocabulary...

Dates to Remember

November 18 - Kindergarten to Fort Worth Museum

November 19 - PTA General Meeting and Root Beer Floats

November 23-27 - Thanksgiving Holiday