God of Food Choices


Guac is the god of food choices and when you are hungry for a certain emotion he will come to you a feed you a meal to give you the motivation you need to continue your journey. Guac was born from a medical experiment from a genetically modified piece of kale, he was made in a lab and when he was hatched instead of it being a extra large piece of kale it was Guac a leafy man that could tell what emotion people craved.

Guac's Family

Guac lived in the deep forest of South America in a kale tree house, he also lives with his son Amethyst, named after the gemstone because he was purple in color but had the warmest heart. Amethyst helped his dad to deliver the meals because he was a much nicer looking god and was more comforting to the people that they helped.

Guac's Powers

Guac was able to read the minds of the people of distress to see what emotion they needed and what food form they wanted it in, he could also shoot kale from his hands so make things like his home in the forest of South America .However, Amethyst was the one that would make the food and replace it with the meal they would eat in the near future.