Community project

By: Andrew Zellgert

Section I

My community is my family. My family is the Zellgerts. The Zellgerts like to play a lot and joke around. Are roots start in central Africa, then go into Western Asia, then through Europe, then there is an immigration arrow to the United States. For almost 4 generations in that case. (The most recent ones). Now, enough on family history. Let's talk about the family community in general. My family usually is set up like this: My mother is an artist. She likes paper mashet. She also plays the flute. My father on the other hand. Like his father, and the father before that and so on, he plays a string instrument, the violin. However he is the only member to take the violin into a career. He works for about seven different orchestra groups. A few in which he is on of the board members. My little brother is kind like me, he is super smart, he loves to invent, and he also loves MINECRAFT! He also is a good student and a very good brother. I am kind of like my brother.... I love to engeneer and invent, I also like to help people through my inventions. Now.....................

What we do in are community is, help each other out. (Especially mother and father.) we also like to play together, even sometimes do nothing at all. We also love to surprise each other... Like the time I turned the living room into a hotel while they were sleeping. (Mom was upset.... She had no work to do because I cleaned the whole house in the process!!) >:)

But.... We also sometimes prank each other. Like the time Jonathan (my brother) brought home some "CAKE". It was actually a bunch of tribbles. I think some things I think that are important in my family are being able to hang out with them. I feel honored to be in my family because you should never, I mean EVER hear the words, 'I'm bored' if those words exit your mouth..... Well, let's just say there's sticks to pick up, dishes to wash, laundry to fold, robots to oil, matenance on the time machine, and, and...... Read all 1,000 books that we have. We have a few celebrations that we celebrate: we celebrate Christmas, New Years, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and birthdays.

Section ll

My family community is important to me because we care for each other. My mother and father are very caring people. They are always trying to help me and Jonathan go through life. We might not always agree with each other, but at least we forgive each other. I think others might want to be apart of are community because are family is a very creative bunch. I mean really, my fathers a artistic director, my mothers an artist, my little brother, is pretty much just creative. And I guess I'm a lot like him in general. I think my community is different from other community's because 1.) my community is definetly not someone else's community. It also is not the same. We also have different customs. 2.) are family would not be with Indian customs. Also my family loves fiction. (Sometimes it can be nonfiction. If my dad is reading the news or my mother is watching an ansester show (like finding your roots.)) 3.) we are also different because we have one relative that served in WWll as a telegraph lady, we have an uncle that served in the Veit Nam war, and we have a few others that served in various wars.

And finally, at the end of most of the text on this page, I'd like to talk a little more about why my community is important to me. So, let's get talking! Well, a few more reasons I think my community (or family) is important to me is that we have a lot of the same characteristics. Such as creativity like I mentioned earlier. My mother created a paper mashet Rock once. The art exhibit director was convinced it was a real rock, and almost threw it away! We all laughed after that day was over.