Discovering The World

Stephen is discovering our world while having ALS in him

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” This is what Stephen Hawking had to do in his career immensely. He had a huge turnaround affecting his life, and others, but who is he? Stephen Hawking is a mad scientist, who is discovering mysteries to the universe. Letting absolutely nothing stopping him.

Childhood Smarts

Stephen’s childhood was the total opposite of his life. “Stephen didn’t do so well in school, even though he was bright.”(1) His handwriting was bad, and he barely ever studied. He loved space, looking through telescopes in his dad’s laboratory.
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College Life

At the age of 15, he decided to go into the field of physics and mathematics. At the age of 18 he decided to move to Oxford University, just like both of his parents. He was there for 3 years, to then earn a PhD in physics. After those 3 years, he moved to Cambridge University. In addition, he got married in 1965 to Jane Wilde. “He lit up like the sun when we were together”(2) Jane stated.

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Diagnosed With Death

When Stephen was at Cambridge, he started getting very clumsy. He was tripping and falling a lot! “Tasks that had been easy, such as tying a shoe or writing a paper, had become very difficult.”(3) He went to the doctor and was sent to the hospital for 2 weeks. Stephen was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, known as ALS. The doctor told him he had two years to live. Stephen was devastated.

Monster Disease

ALS is a very rare and deadly disease. What it does is weaken your muscles, till you cannot use them anymore. But during the period your brain is not affected. “50% of people are bound to live at most, 3 years after diagnosis.”(4) “ Every 1 in 200,000 people get this disease every year.”(5)

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A Change

Stephen Hawking later went on to have 3 kids with his wife, but Jane couldn’t go through Stephen just fading away. They divorced and stephen married his nurse, Elaine Mason. At this point, Stephen wasn’t walking, he sat in a motorized wheelchair that he controlled with a joint stick. “While in Geneva, he got pneumonia. It was life-threatening.”(6) Stephen was put into an operation that saved his life, sadly, he would lose his voice. Now that Stephen couldn’t talk, he earned a specialized machine that gave him a new voice. He wrought many books and made a load of discoveries about black holes after then.

An Inspiration

Stephen Hawking has gone through a tough, very hard life. But does that mean he is an inspiration? You might think, he is just living his life, right? Well, I think he is inspirational because his life shows that you can discover or do anything, with a hardship like ALS in one’s life. Do you agree?


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