Colonial Virginia


Who Originally Founded It

In 1609 John Smith along with 104 men and boys founded Jamestown. There were no women and girls along with John Smith and the men and boys, therefore population dropped and reproduction was not possible.

Why Was It Founded

Jamestown Virginia was founded for mainly two reasons. One reason is for religious freedom, the other reason is for money.


Jamestown Virginia is mainly a flat low-land that includes many swamps.Some major cities Jamestown, Williamsburg and, Richmond.


Most people are Baptist or Presbyterian but, the original settlers from Maryland where Catholic. Religion does not have the same impact as it did in New England.


Mostly based on farming and, there are many cash crops (Such as Wheat, Tobacco and, Corn) Where slaves and indentured and servents worked the land.


TheVirginia house of Burgasis was found by and English stock company. The towns people had a chance to give imput and have a say in the Government.