Billie Holiday

Lilli Adcock

Who is Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday is a very well known african american jazz artist. She was born April 7th, 1915 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Billie faced many problems during her youth. During her teenage years she was sent to The House of Good Shepard for skipping school. BIllie began singing when she was young. She was discovered by producer John Hammond while performing in a Harlem Jazz Club. In later years she toured with Court Basie Orchestra.On her own she started performing solo at New Yorks Cafe Society. She lived a very well and successful life & career. She past away at on July 17, 1959 due to drug and alcohol abuse.

The Addiction

Billie Holiday was arrested multiple times because of her drug and alcohol problems. She was known to drink but whenever she married Holiday picked up her husbands bad habit of smoking. Their marriage unfortunately didn't last very long but even after the marriage she continued smoking. After her last and final performance in New York City Holiday was admitted into a hospital for heart & liver issues. Her heroin addiction got her arrested during her stay in the hospital.
Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit