Pillage Khlaracha

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A Confusion of Princes

A Science-Fiction novel by Garth Nix

"The pirates had two twin reproductions of aged Imperial ships, but had another Imperial vessel that I knew had been fabricated only recently, in this very decade. I couldn't figure out how this was viable, as it traditionally takes about a century to successfully duplicate Imperial space-crafts," Khemri thought.

Are you a pirate? Do you want to acquire wealth beyond your wildest dreams? Then make a deal with our virtually omnipotent galactic Empire, to plunder an intelligently-habited, but undefended planet, as all of the planets spaceships have been obliterated by the Empire, though the planet itself is unscathed. The Empire will provide you with a strong ship, that you can use along with you own, to ransack Khlaracha. For a limited time only, you can raid without any ramifications, and instead be rewarded. Everyone knows that the Imperial fleets are the best in the galaxy, and their ships the most powerful, but it takes many years to create a copy of a ship of the Empire, and by that time, the technology is much less advanced. If you accept this deal, and attack Khlaracha, you will be given a new, state of the art, warship.

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Ad written and designed by Zachary Niles Peretz