With iMovie you can make slideshows and movies. You can add your own audio or music. You can shorten, speed up or slow down each clip.


In GarageBand you can record your own audio, play instruments and make podcasts. You can edit your audio by changing the pitch and adding music in the background.

Pic Collage and Fotobabble

PicCollage is an app where you can make a collage of different pictures and text. You can change the fonts and colors of the text. You can add a background picture or cover the whole page with pictures. You can also change the size of the pictures as well as text. Fotobabble is an app where you can add a picture and put your audio or recording in the background.


Chirp is an app where you can set two iPads together and to get connected then you can send pictures to each other. Chirp is kind of like texting.

Book Writer

Book Writer is an app where you can write a story in the format of a book. You can have as many pages as you want. You can change the font and size of your text.