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For the Week of November 6th - 10th, 2023

Weekly Updates

Hello Hózhó Families,

As a reminder, we do not have school this Friday, November 10th in observance of Veteran's Day. A 7th-grade student is starting an initiative to honor our veterans and active military, especially those deployed. You can order a red Hózhó shirt for students to wear on Fridays if they wish. T-shirts are $10 each. Payment is due at the time of pick-up. All orders must be made by November 17th. Click here to order.

Last Chance School Pictures - The last day to order school pictures is November 13th. Use this link to order.

Christmas Wreath Orders - Pre-orders for Christmas wreaths will be taken until November 17th. Click here to fill out the wreath order form and return it to the front office.

Holiday Craft Fair - Saturday, December 2nd, will be our annual Holiday Craft Fair. If you are interested in being a vendor, click here to fill out the form and return it to the front office.

Report Cards - Report cards have gone home. If you have not received your child's report card, please contact the front office.

Congratulations First Quarter Honor Roll Students

7th-8th Grade Honors

Chevelle Bia

Keira Burnham

Brittyn Carling

Raychael Dennison

Kiersten Donaldson

Dante Harvey

Yandiin Houston

Zaiden James

Donte Jaramillo

Addison Jones

Kreighton King

Kaiden Martinez

Enalia Meders

Chase Miller

Zahda Rashid

Santino Saucedo

Rubi Shaheen

Tate Tanner

Aiyanna Trujillo

Alicia Wilson

Paige Benally

Phillip Elkins

Kaydince Escamilla

Leya Glasses

Selena James

Elias Longhat

Jude Nassrallah

Adelene Rain Ortiz

Sydney Piano

Quanndreeia Ramone

7th-8th Grade High Honors

Ean Chisamore

Grace Corral

Paisley Fowles

Avi Sarracino

Austin Tanner

Hugo Macapagal

Bausten Willie

9th-10th Grade Honors

Raine Miller

Hailey Williams

Lilly Shaheen

Deelylah Thompson

Abraham Azua

Khloe Todecheenie

9th-10th Grade High Honors

Kabren King

Pedro Vargas

Important Dates

November 10th - No School (Veteran's Day)

November 13th - Last Day to Order School Pictures

November 17th - Cultural Fall Festival

November 20th-24th - No School (Thanksgiving Break)

December 2nd - Holiday Craft Fair 10 AM - 3 PM

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Important Links

Hózhó Sports

Dance Team

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Meet our Staff Members

Hello, my name is Kara Seowtewa and I teach 2nd grade with my Bachelors in Elementary Education from Fort Lewis College. I love to see my students' big smiles every day! I want my students to know that they are valued members of our classroom community, and I want to teach each of them what they need to continue to grow in my classroom. When I'm not working, I like to spend time with my niece- we do crafts, cook, and watch A LOT of Bluey. Three words to best describe me are affable, charitable, and easy-going. A fun fact about me is that I don’t like to watch movies. I fall asleep during a movie.
Hi, I'm Brittney Montaño, one of the lead Kindergarten teachers. I shape and mold the minds of our Hózhó Pups! I have over 14 years of experience (13 working in Pre-K and 2 working in kindergarten) and a BS in Early Childhood Education. I believe that each child is a one-of-a-kind individual, and every child learns differently and/or at a different pace than one another. As an Educator, it is my job to create a safe and stimulating environment, for all students. I believe that teaching should require the educator to be adaptable and understanding to all backgrounds and knowledge of every student, changes in the school environment, and all aspects of the student’s life outside the classroom. Lastly, make school fun and exciting, to where a child will be able to be themselves, without the thought of them being different.

What motivates me at work are my students! Having such an amazing group of students definitely makes my job easier and joyful! When I’m not working, I like traveling, attending concerts, snowboarding (even though I’m still not good at it), and spending time with my family and close friends in Albuquerque. A fun fact about me that people may not know is that I know how to juggle. Three words that best describe me are caring, joyful, and silly. My favorite book is called “Goodbye Is Not Forever”.

Literacy Corner by Elise Farrell

You have probably heard of your child talking about marking their words or even seen work come home that included spelling words covered in strange symbols and numbers. At first glance, it most certainly seems strange. I remember observing my first literacy lesson and watching the students mark their words with and wondered why on earth they were putting dots in the middle of the words, underling some and writing numbers above others. I began my first training in the Literacy Essentials curriculum and that was where I first heard of the English alphabet referred to as a 'code.'

The alphabet consists of letters used to represent the sounds we use in the English language and it very much works like a code. There are more sounds than there are letters, therefore, there are many factors that determine what sound a letter is saying. For example, we have multi-letter phonograms, phonograms where two letters are used to make one sound such as sh or ch. However, the English language is also compromised of subskills and rules that determine the sounds that are said. The students at Hozho Academy begin learning these rules from the very beginning, and we reinforce these rules by teaching them markings to use on their spelling words. This helps them to identify the rules of the English language they are taught and is part of the Literacy Essentials multisensory approach to learning, putting these skills into their long term memory. Let's take a look at some of the rules your children learn and the corresponding markings.

The very first rule your child learns is that words are broken up into 'chunks' called syllables. A syllable consists of one vowel sound and the consonant sounds said with it (did you know that every English syllable must have a written vowel?) When marking a word, students identify each syllable with a dot in between, for example;





This breaks complicated words into workable pieces. The students work with each syllable to identify the rules and subskills being used. A few more examples include;

Multiletter phonograms; marked by underlining them, showing that together they make one sound:

C o m • p l ai n - ai = /A/ two letter /A that we do not use at the end of English words because English words do not end with I.

Vowels saying their name or their second sound are also underlined.

T a •b l e - this A is saying its name because it is what we call an open syllable. The syllable ends with a vowel and is not being closed off by a consonant.

B a k e1this A is saying its name because it is followed by a consonant and then a silent final e.

  • We underline the K being it is the consonant being 'skipped over'

  • We double underline the E because it is silent and we label it with a 1 because there are 6 reasons why a word would have a silent E at the end. The first reason being that it makes the vowel say its name.

There are many more rules and subskills that your children will learn during their time at Hozho. In being able to identify and break the code, students can read more complex vocabulary, simply by breaking it into chunks and then identifying the rules they know.

Book of the Week:

Anne of Green Gables

L.M. Montgomery

(Abridged versions are available by Classic Starts and the Great Illustrated Classics)

The month of November calls for cozy, autumn into winter stories such as this! Anne (spelled with an E) is an orphan sent to live with the middle-aged Cuthbert brother and sister in Green Gables. The only problem, the Cuthberts had requested a boy! Follow Anne as she navigates school, friendships and her vivid imagination! Once you have read this heartwarming story, you can see it beautifully brought to life in the 1985 miniseries, Anne of Green Gables. (Netflix also has a show titled Anne with an E, however, I personally recommend the miniseries over this one).

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