Book Talk

By Audrey Kaup


Tally couldn't believe it, in 3 months when she turns 16, she will become a pretty and join her old friend Peris like she always dreamed of. But when Tally found Shay, Tally's world went upside down. Tally realized that Shay didn't want to become a pretty. Instead, Shay wanted to runaway and join a mysterious town called the Smoke. However, when Tally said goodbye to Shay, the Special Circumstances get involved. Tally had no choice but to find the Smoke as a spy to capture Shay and all the missing uglies. But when Tally found the Smoke and realized that Shay wasn't crazy, Tally felt like a traitor for betraying all the people at the Smoke. So, Tally had to make a choice, should she join the Smoke? Or become a pretty like she dreamed of? Join Tally and Shay as they go on an adventure to stop Tally's mess and saving the world.


Boys and girls of all ages who enjoy Sci-fi with their own utopia or like action and aventure would love or enjoy reading this book. With adventure, drama, romance, and a few laughs packed, this book is definently a keeper! This book is also part of a series so if you loved this book, be sure to read the rest of the series! This book is one of the best Sci-fi books I've read so far.. 4 stars!
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