The City Of Ember

Jeanne Duprau

Summarized By:Quinn Simpson

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The Summary Of The Dark City!!!

The builders built a new, and brighter city and they put the instructions in a locked safe. And it is passed from mayor to mayor. It will open in two hundred years. But, the greedy 7th mayor ruined it all by taking the instructions out of it's hiding place and to his house. Then it ended up in the back of his closet because before he could return it he died. It sat there until it quietly clicked open and no one heard. About 50 years later, Lina, her grandma and Poppy her little sister moved into the same exact house the mayor died in. Then one day her grandma was digging through the closet and she had Poppy in there too. Then Poppy found the instructions and chewed them up. Then her older sister found them and tried to put some back together. And they made NO sense at all. Lina asked a couple of people. And all except Doon. He believed that it was important. Then her grandma died so they had to stay with an old women named Mrs.Murdo.

Then they went down to the pipe works where Doon works. And saw the mayor sleeping in a secret room. But, he wasn't the only one there was someone else it was Looper! A guy who worked as a storage person. And they were steeling food and keeping it for themselves. So they told the guards. Next they were after them. So they decided to run. They went to the school. Then they saw Lina so she ran and caught her. So when the blackout happened she ran to the pipe works where she found Doon. But, Lina didn't want to leave Poppy behind so she ran as fast as she could and got her. Then they started on their adventure to find the way out. They were walking through the cave like the instructions said. Suddenly they tripped on something. There were two boxes. Inside one there was pack of matches and in the other one there was a couple of candles.

They did not know what they were. But, then they scraped it on the box of matches and light came from it. So they moved on. It said to ride the rough, and deadly river. They squeezed the baby in between them and rode it. It took them eight hours to get there. And when they got there it wasn't a city it was just piles of rocks everywhere. Lina decided to go and see what was behind them.

She looked behind one and there was a sign. It read... WELCOME PEOPLE OF EMBER, FOLLOW THIS TUNNLE AND BRING LOTS OF WATER. IT IS A VERY LONG TUNNEL. And the rest was wet and they couldn't read it. So, they filled their jugs and moved on. Then they saw hanging lights. (Stars), but they didn't know that. And then they saw another one but it was much bigger (the moon.) They decided to just lay down and rest.

When they woke up the big light (the sun) stayed but the little lights (the stars) left. So they got up to explore. And they found Ember! Ember was underground thats why it was so dark. The City Of Ember was inside a hole. That's how they would tell the people how to get here. So, they wrote a letter and through it down. And guess who it landed in front of Mrs.Murdo. Will she find the way out? Read the next book The People Of Sparks to find out!!! And if you want to read the whole series they're down below in the right order.

The Whole Series


The Letter


Looper is stealing! And he's doing it with Lizzie. I don't know what I should do. Can you please respond to me ASAP. Thanks a ton.



I got your letter. And I think you should either tell Doon or Mrs.Murdo or maybe Clairy. But, whatever you do don't tell the mayor because he might think your lying and throw them into the dungeon.


STEALING!!!!!!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!

I think the issue with this book is stealing. I think it's stealing because Looper is stealing from the his work. He's finding food on the secret back shelves. And I personally don't like stealing and what's even worse is that the whole city is lacking food while he's getting it all. But, he's also giving some to Lina's best friend (Lizzie) so that sort of makes her a thief too!!!!! Those are the reasons why stealing is a issue in The City Of Ember.

😊Quinn Simpson😊

My favorite part was when Lina was running back to meet Doon at the Pipe Works. And she surprisingly had Poppy in her arms! That was my favorite part because, it adds some sort of a twist to the book. No one was expecting that. And my least favorite part is when the guards catch Lina while she's trying to send the letter to Clairy. That is why it is my favorite part inside the entire book. And I recommend this for all my classmates.