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Viagra may help against menstrual pain

Viagra may help against menstrual pain
Researchers at the American Penn State College of Medicine and the Nova Grades General Hospital in Croatia joined hands together and discovered that pills

for erectile dysfunction women sometimes their menstrual cramps could deliver. Primary dysmenorrheal, painful cramps during menstruation, is women, the most common form of pain in the lower abdomen.

And according to the study Salami, a drug sold under the brand name Viagra, which relieve pain because it causes the blood vessels and improves circulation

Could Patients were asked to rate their pain. Four consecutive hours it shows that the drug, which was administered vaginally immediately before lighting

creates and causes no side effects. Results of the study were published in the scientific journal 'Human Reproduction', but need to be further investigated.
"If future studies confirm these findings, then Sinful may also be used by women who are experiencing severe menstrual pain," says Professor Richard Largo

from the Penn State College of Medicine.
Write researchers in the medical journal Spine. they went after the drug use of more than 11,000 men with chronic back pain. It showed that almost 20% of men at least four months took painkillers, also used pills for erectile problems.