6th Grade World Cultures

Mrs. Neiswender and Mrs. Valentine

3rd 6 Weeks Important Info

We hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. There is only 3 weeks left until Christmas break!

Dates to Remember

December 7: Summative - European Country Project (Due When students walk into class)

**Please check in with your student: They will be spending 5 days in class working on this project, but they may need to finish the final project over the weekend. The packet will be turned in as well.**

December 7-11: Gallery Walk Presentations

December 17: Summative - European Newspaper Article (Due At the end of class)

December 21-January 4: Christmas Break

January 12: Last Opportunity for Make-up Work/Corrections

January 12-15: Semester Exams

January 14-15: Early Release Days

January 15: End of the 3rd 6 Weeks/1st Semester

Contact Information

Mrs. Neiswender

Email: Jneiswender@nisdtx.org

Phone: 817-698-5863

Conference: 2:21-3:06

Mrs. Valentine

Email: Nvalentine@nisdtx.org

Phone: 817-698-5862

Conference: 2:21-3:06


Home Access Center - Please check daily! Request to retest forms are located in the classroom when needed.

Moodle- The calendar is updated with assignments and due dates for your reference.

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