Andrew Jackson

By:Annika Granados 7th

Trail of Tears

The Native Americans get kicked off their land in the southeast. The reason the natives were kicked off their land was because the land was great for planting cotton and there was gold that would soon be discovered. The Cherokee had lived peacefully with the whites they had written their own Constitution and grew cotton. The Cherokee moved 800 miles west and when winter hit it was the worst winter. Many Cherokee Indians died out of disease and hypothermia.

Spoils System

The spoils system let people get government jobs even if they didn't have any background in politics. When Andrew Jackson became president, he fired all of the workers and started hiring people that supported him. Some people liked this because they were given a job. Other people disliked this because they might have gotten fired. It was an incentive to keep supporting the party because then you might be able to get a job.

Nullification Crisis

The nullification crisis was about tariffs on imported goods. The south was upset because they only grew goods and relied on imported goods and when they raised the tariffs, they had to pay more money. South Carolina didn't want to pay taxes so they said they would seceded from the union. Jackson passed the Force Bill which made them have to pay the taxes.

Andrew Jackson Political Cartoon

This shows that the article that shuts down the bank is making it collapse and the "evil" bankers are going to the dark place in the ground.

Plantation Owner-positive

Andrew Jackson is so AMAZING. The reason he is, is because he gave me a job!! Even though he is going against regulation its nice that his supporters get a job.

Cherokee Indian-Negative

Andrew Jackson is an EVIL man. I don't like him because he kicked me out of my land and made my people walk 800 miles in the cold, and lots of my people died. We also still had to leave even though we won the lawsuit. I think he did it because he hates us.