About the project:

Project European information Pont was developed to promote voluntary work in Leszno area, to activate local people and promote multiculturalism. The main objective of this project is personal and professional development of volunteers, dialogue and understanding among youth from different countries, international exchange of experiences, stimulating and encouraging to
the social activism in the local community. Long term voluntary service will be a great opportunity to go deeper into the activities
of various institutions and organizations, to learn about their specific priorities and working methods. Through participation in various meetings and activities volunteers will be prepared to initiate and implement their own workshops. Equal workload between work in different schools and in the foundation will allow them to develop the working methods and exchange of international experiences. All volunteer activities will be conducted under the supervision of coordinators and mentors. Youth from the whole region will take some advantages from the project, moreover once a week there will be a possibility to invite volunteers to a local school/ institution. As Leszno area is very monocultural, inhabitants are not so much keen to learn languages its very important to help people understand importance of being tolerant, be open for differences.
We believe that through that project our local community would be more open for foreigners, more tolerant and more active on local and international level.

Volunteers tasks:

1) Making students aware (by presentations, workshops, discussions, conversations, etc.) about various issues related to Europe and the specific countries where the volunteers come from.

2) Making the students aware of differences of various aspects of life in Poland and abroad by involving in international project.

3) Promoting the EVS by:

- publishing blog;

- being in constant touch with the local magazines and newspapers;

- preparing reports about the EVS activities in the region;

- staying in contact with the local community representatives during Europe oriented meetings;

- participation in meetings and workshops.

4) Activities aiming at developing young people's personalities in terms of being independent, creative, enterprising both in social and cultural issues as well as those that refer to the environment protection: - 5) Cooperation in organizing and leading workshops on:

- education

- young people's rights, drugs, alcohol, crime, health

5) Presentation and promotion of the local heritage;

- Culture activities (music, dance, artistic expression);

.6) Leading language club)

-Helping people to improve and widen their language skills:

- Give non-formal language lessons for the students that might be interested in it (either in English or in mother-tongue of the volunteer).

7) Sharing your skills and passions of the volunteer

- by leading clubs for example: cooking, dancing, craft, sport etc.

8) supporting CAT in organizing different events /Day of Europe, Board Games competitions etc)

9) Working on a daily room with kids 8-15 y.o

Profile of EVS volunteer

· Speak communicative English

There can be communication problem if the volunteer doesn’t speak English. However its not the most important issue!:)

· Be enthusiastic and motivated

A long term EVS project needs motivated volunteers. Please show us in your application why you want to join the project and our oragnisation. Make nice interactive movie, song, power pont, poem?:)) whatever creatie way can be!!

· Be proactive

We expect the volunteer to work with us to come up with clear goals and expectations and make the most from his/her time in the EVS. That also means personal involvement in improving own EVS program.

· Like the multimedia

Because those positions involves working with videos, photos and graphic design and other publications, it will be helpful if the volunteers like to work on multimedia./to make projects visible on local and international level/

· Like to movingJ

As those project you will meet different kids, youth and people you have to be ready for moving from one place to anotherJ

Few words about conditions

Support for the volunteers:

We will offer the language support in form of the Polish classes that will take place twice per week. As well each volunteer will have mentor.We will provide as well 3 supervisors of activities.

On Arrival training

The training will be organized by the stuff of our organisation, during the first 3 days of the stay of volunteers – from 1st till 5th of September 2015.

Working hours:

Volunteers will be working 35 hours per week, and will have 2 days off per month of holidays, Saturdays and Sundays are free.


Volunteers will live in a common flats with max 2 in one room. The kitchen and the bathrooms are common in every flat.The volunteers can prepare the food on their own.

Every flat has Internet wireless connections. Every volunteer will receive a Polish SIM card.


- Pocket money – The volunteer will receive monthly pocket money on – 85 euros

- Food allowances - The volunteer will receive monthly food allowance –400 pln

How to apply:

Please send us motivation letter and CV to: EVS@FUNDACJA-CAT.PL AND COPY TO:




IF YOU ARE FROM DIFFERENT Country, its enough to us;)

till 10 FEBRUARY 2016.

Also we kindly ask you to send us movie about you, song ppt presentation or other creative presentations to show us your skills, and ideas for involvement in the project!

Here you can find some inspirations:

We will contact ONLY the selected volunteers within max 5 days after the selection process takes place. There is possibility of skype interview also.