Hamster Princess

Harriet the Invincible by Ursula Vernon

This book is a lot of fun and a quick read!

Ursula Vernon's next fun series since Dragonbreath. On the day of Princess Harriet's christening everything is going well until Ratshade, the wicked fairy god mouse shows up and places a curse on Princess Harriet because no one invited her to the christening. On Harriet's twelfth birthday she will fall into a deep sleep and need to be kissed by a prince to be saved. Harriet, being a spunky hamster, looks on the bright side and realizes she is invincible until then. So she spends the next two years dragon-slaying and jousting. Eventually her twelfth birthday arrives as does Ratshade. Will Harriet the Invincible fall prey to Ratshade? Will she still need a prince? It has a fun, cute twist!

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