Lincoln's November Newsletter

Leading The Pack In Kingsport

Principal's Corner

We are a Gold Level Model of Demonstration School for our RTI2B practices! We are one of 5 schools on this side of the state who are recognized as a gold level school for our outstanding level of support and practices for students by providing a positive environment at school. We have attended state sponsored RTI2-B workshops, worked with teams of teachers here at Lincoln, and used that information to increase our use of the four school wide expectations, implementation of Zones of Regulation, and recognizing students through Students of the Month, Pawsome stickers, and Nine weeks events celebrating good behavior. Model of Demonstration Schools are ready to serve as mentors for others looking to begin or refine their RTI2-B/PBIS implementation. The Tennessee Behavior Support Project (TBSP) will be recognizing Lincoln and the other model schools for their amazing efforts at the 2020 PIE Conference.

To say that we are excited would be an understatement. All of the staff here at Lincoln are incredibly proud of this distinction, and we hope you as parents are too. This is a very important part of our journey to continue to make Lincoln the premier elementary school in Kingsport. We thank each of your for your help at home towards our journey to reach this goal. We have created an environment that is supportive of strong instruction and learning. We know that you support us in getting students to school on time and here every day that we have school--unless your child is sick. Our next hurtle is to get our academic scores to a level where we are competing with the other schools surrounding us in Kingsport. We are ready to reach that goal and are excited to have your continued support.

I just can't say it enough! We are so appreciative of the support you provide at home. Thank you for consistent bed times, routines, and getting students here ON TIME daily. We don't send home a great deal, if any homework, but we do want children to read at home for 20 minutes each night. The routine of reading every day and for a sustained period of time makes a huge difference in our student's lives. We do as much as we can here at school but there is no way that we can do the lift of getting all of our students on grade level by third grade without your help. If we can get all students on grade level--this includes 4th and 5th graders-our students will be in much better shape to master grade level learning standards, graduate from high school and have a future filled with opportunity. We encourage you to make reading a priority in your home. Read what you love! Sports, articles about music/musicians, science, even scary stories. Anything that captures your interest and imagination in a book, magazine, newspaper article, or even a blog. Reading is fun and that is what we together need to show our students and model at home and at school. Thank you for your support and working with us to improve our students ability to read on grade level.

Why is reading at grade level by 3rd grade so important?

Roaring Readers

Keep the momentum at your house! Keep reading every night. The November Calendars are out and ready for you to sign off for 20 minutes of reading each night. Your child has a personal or class goal for their nights to read this month. Please talk about this at home, make it a priority, and model reading with your child.

Fun Events Last Month

October is a fun month and Lincoln was in on the fun with our monthly clubs and Fall Festival. Each month, on a day that is a surprise to students, we have a 45 minute time block set aside for students to be part of a "club" that focuses on a variety of things. We have a construction club, a healthy foods club, Origami, card making, playground fun, STEM, coloring, sensory, and dance just to name a few. Our students will enjoy these clubs once a month until December. Then in January they can choose new clubs. It pays to come to school every day because you never know when club day will be each month. So if you miss a may miss clubs!

Our second big fun event this month was last Thursday. Our Fall Festival was a total success even with it being inside! Thank you to our PTO and Mafair Volunteers who helped our teachers pull off this wonderful event. We had students from DBE, a story teller, and the Mega Party from the company we partnered with from our PTO fall fundraiser. Without a doubt a great event and the weather didn't get in the way of our fun. Thank you to all the parents who came out to enjoy the afternoon with us.

October Clubs

Fall Festival

Grade Level Updates



We are beginning a new unit on living and nonliving. We will be learning how to distinguish living from nonliving things, as well as what living things need to survive. We are continuing to learn letters and their sounds. We are applying that knowledge in our writing and reading to sound out words. Please continue to practice the following sight words: I, a, me, mom, dad, the, see, can, like, it, is, in, said. Please continue reading 20 minutes a night and sign the reading log in your child's folder.


We are learning to identify, construct, and describe 2D shapes. We are also looking for these shapes in our environment. Students need to be able to count by 1s to 50 and by 10s to 100 by the end of the 9 weeks. Please continue to practice writing numbers 1-20. Practice identifying and telling the value of a penny, nickel, dime, and quarter.

We look forward to our visit to the fire station on November 13th. Please send in your permission slip and $1 as soon as possible. Thank you!

First Grade

First Grade continues to be FABULOUS as we make progress towards our end-of-the-year goals. Students are working hard each day and teachers are proud of focused effort. Please remember your child has homework each day that reinforces what is being taught and learned in the classroom. Also, the daily homework folder has important information from the classroom and school. The folder contains your child’s work samples; please take time each day to review your child’s work to see the progress being made.

In literacy, we will continue our study of the sun, moon, and Earth. Students will explore and understand observable patterns in nature and the relationships between these bodies that are in motion. They will be expected to know and explain the relationships between Earth, sun, and moon and the importance for life.

For phonics skills, we are focusing on distinguishing long and short vowels. The language unit will be on adjectives and articles. Students will continue to improve their sentence writing skills using the following rubric: does the sentence begin with an upper case letter then have all lower case letters to follow; neat and consistent spacing; and an end mark.

In writing, we will continue to improve narrative stories with a beginning, middle, and end; use dialogue in the plan; use temporal words (one afternoon, next, after); write 4-7 sentences; and include description (adjectives) in sentences. Students will use the graphic organizer introduced earlier to write an informational piece on observable patterns such as day and night or seasons that affect Earth.

In math, we will continue to find totals of two and three quantities, determine if equations are equivalent, and work with larger numbers up to 120. Students will develop an understanding of place value. They will be able to extend the counting sequence

Second Grade

Please see attached link below.

Fifth Grade

Math/Science: We are completing our unit on multiplication and division Wednesday. We will then begin working on fractions. Students will learn about all the basic operations of math using fractions. In science, we are continuing our study of gravity with exciting experiments, including students building their own pendulums.

Literacy/Social Studies: In literacy, we are working on our unit about child labor. We are using various texts to study main idea and make inferences. In social studies, we are continuing our exploration of Tennessee history - we are moving through history from prehistoric times to modern day.

Photo Fundraiser to Support Lincoln

PTO and S. M. I. L. E. (a committee for teachers, lead by teachers) will be offering a Fall Photo Fundraiser Event. 15 minute sessions will be offered for $20. Payment due at time of session. ALL proceeds will be shared between

PTO and S. M. I. L. E

When? November 9th 9AM-11AM and 2PM-5PM. November 10th. 2PM-5PM. Rain date November 16th and 17th.

Where? Lincoln Elementary School Playground by the large oak tree.

How do I sign up? Sign ups will be announced digitally on our ALES Facebook page. The direct link is

Reminders for Pick Up At The End Of The Day

To support a safe dismissal for all students is we are no longer dismissing students between 3:00 and 3:20 from the school office. All students need to go through the normal school dismissal if they are in school after 3:00 pm. If you need a student early from school, for example to get to a dentist appointment, you will need to get your child before 3:00. If you, or a designated person come to school between 3:00 and 3:15 to get your child, you will need to wait until 3:15 and regular dismissal for your student to be dismissed. Being on time is important every day, and staying until the very end of the day is also important too. Kindergarten dismissal starts at 3:05 on the Waverly side of the building, and the rest of the building dismisses at 3:15 promptly each day. All students should be picked up by 3:30 unless they are bus riders or attend the Y.

Cold and Flu Season Is Here

We want students here everyday---except if they are sick and contagious. If students have a fever of 100 degrees or higher, they cannot come to school and all students must be 24 hours fever free (under 100 degrees) for 24 hours WITHOUT medication. This is the same for vomit. If your child throws up, they cannot come back to school until they are 24 hours vomit free. If they have the unfortunate experience of throwing up at lunch and go home they cannot come back to school the next day. They would come back the following. We do everything we can to keep children healthy here at school. We promote hand washing, our custodians wash handrails, door knobs and desks with more attention during this season, and we send students home from the nurses office when appropriate. If you know that your child has a fever or has thrown up, please be respectful to other children and keep your child home. Knowingly sending a contagious child to school helps no one. If you are not sure if your child should be at school you can call the nurse in the morning and discuss symptoms, or you can walk with your child to the nurses office before 8:15 and Nurse Brandy can do a quick temperature/symptom check.

Thank you in advance this cold and flu season for sending your child to school every day that they are not sick or contagious. It truly helps us all!

Veterans Day Assembly/Performance

As we have in years past we are celebrating our veterans with a musical performance. Please see the attached flier for information about this year's performance. Thank you to Mr. Wallingford for his hard work and dedication to honoring our local veterans.

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