Youtube Facts

facts about youtube


In one minute hours of video will be uploaded to youtube.

making Youtube

Paypal helped make Youtube.Youtube caused problems for Utube.Utube is a dating site.

garanteed to be relaxinng and fun

First video

The first youtube video was in a zoo from very,very long ago.

Other Stuff

Youtube even gives you stastisticts.the most veiwed video is about a child biting his dads finger. the most liked video is about a child biting his dads can play a game called snake while you are watching a fun youtube video. over thirteen million hours of video was uploaded in 2010 to youtube, a site for watching videos.more video is uploaded in sixty days on youtube, the site to watch videos than on the three major television networks, the popular television networks in sixty years.over one third of youtube, the site where you can watch wonderful, wonderful videos, have been commented on half of the videos came from content ID.over one billion people use youtube, the site where you watch wonderful,wonderful videos. if you forgot,

in one minute over one hundred hours of video is uploaded to youtube the site.