May 2015

Ms. Lucken's Kinderfriends

Important Dates

  • Friday, May 8th from 7am to 8:10 am - Muffin's with Moms and other important women
  • Wednesday, May 13th - Field Trip to Earthway Farm
  • Tuesday, May 19th from 5:30 to 7 pm - Madison Spring Fling Gathering and Fundraiser
  • Friday, May 22 at 1:30 pm - Kindergarten Music Concert in the gym
  • Monday, May 25th - NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day
  • Thursday, June 4th - Last Day of Kindergarten Celebration at 1:30 pm


By completing the monthly homework, you help your child practice all the standards we are teaching and assessing in school.The February Homework will be in the Wednesday folder on Feb. 4th or you can print your own copy from my website.
  • Read a minimum of 15 minutes daily
  • Complete one homework square five days per week
Homework is due Wednesday, May 6th

Language Arts Goals

Below is a summary of the MN and National Language Arts Standards we are working on in class. These are also the items I will assess and record on your child's report card at the end of Trimester 2 (Late February). I have put changes, from previous newsletters, in bold.

  • I can ask and answer questions about a story.
  • I know that an author writes the words. I can think about the authors purpose.
  • I know an illustrator creates the pictures.
  • I can tell about genres: fables, fantasy, poetry, fiction and informational text (nonfiction)
  • I can tell the character, the setting, and the events in the story.
  • I can retell a story.
  • I can tell the main idea and details in a story.
  • I can make a connection between a story and me or between two stories.
Foundational Skills
  • I can name all 26 uppercase, 28 lowercase letters (a and g), and give the correct sounds
  • I can hear and write digraphs; sh,ch, th, wh, & ck (ending)
  • I can isolate the beginning sound in a word.
  • I can isolate the end sound in a word.
  • I can isolate the middle sound in a word.
  • I can change a beginning, middle or end sound to get a new word. Sun, change the s to f and make fun.
  • I can blend sounds together and hear the word (/c/a/t/ = cat).
  • Read high frequency words: I, can, the, a, see, like, we, an, am, at, as, are, and, go, to, you, do, but, get, not, did, my, with, he, is, little, she, was, for, have, they, of, by, up, in, it, be, said, want, here, me, this, what, help, too, his, her, on, no, where, look, good, who, come, & does.
  • Recognize and produce rhyming words
  • Count, blend, and segment the syllables in words
  • I can follow words from left to right, top to bottom
  • I can read and write my first and last name.
Writing Skills
  • I can write my uppercase and lowercase letters in alphabetical order.
  • I can stretch out words and write the sounds I hear. I can hear and apply most of the sounds.
  • I can write a simple sentence, starting with an uppercase letter and ending with a period.
  • I can write a story in sequence and write a reaction to the story.
  • I can gather information and write a book about the information I gathered.
  • I can write a "How to" story using first, next, last.
  • I can write an opinion. I can tell why I like a story or an author. I can tell why I do not like a story or an author.


Below is a summary of the MN and National Math we are working on in class. These are also the items I will assess and record on your child's report card at the end of Trimester 2 (Late February). I have put changes, from previous newsletters, in bold.
  • I can name 10 colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white, black, brown)
  • I can name 8 shapes (square, rectangle, triangle, circle, rhombus (diamond), trapezoid, & hexagon. I can name the 3D shapes: cube, rectangular prism, cone, and cylinder. I can tell real life objects for all of the 2D and 3D shapes.
  • I can build, extend (make longer), and label (using abc) patterns. I can recognize and create growing patterns.
  • Count to 100 or higher, using one - to - one correspondence
  • I can read numbers 100 or higher
  • Write numbers to 100 or higher.
  • Tell the number that is one more or one less.
  • I know what addition means. I can add parts to get a whole. I can write a number sentence. For example: 2 + 5 = 7.
  • I know what take way, minus, and subtraction mean. I can start with the whole and take part away. I can write a number sentence. For example: 7 - 5 = 2.
  • I can show different combinations to make a number between 1 and 10. 5+0 = 5, 4 +1 = 5, 3+2= 5, 2+3 = 5, 1+4 = 5, 0+5 = 5.
  • I can put numbers in order from least to greatest.
  • I can follow directions with above, on, under, next to / beside, between, behind, in front, over, and around.
  • I can compare objects using the words shorter and longer. I can put objects in order from shortest to longest.
  • I can sort objects by the following attributes: color, size, shape, width (thick & thin)

Contact Information

Jennifer Lucken

2805 9th Street North

Saint Cloud, MN 56303

252-4665 x4433

Text / Cell 469-3875

Last Day of Kindergarten Celebration

I hope to see many families on Thursday, June 4th at 1:30 pm.

We will meet in our classroom. The kids will sing a few songs. The will preform a readers theater. We will have cookies and lemonade. I will hand out report cards and other paper work. This is a great time for families to exchange phone numbers, so hopefully they can have a few play dates over the summer months. We will say goodbye!

I will be moving to Westwood Elementary in the fall. I will be teaching first grade there:) It was a very hard decision to leave Madison, as it is a school full of children, families, and teachers I love. Regretfully, this means I will not be present to welcome your child back in the fall or offer hugs in the hallways. I will wait to share this with kids until the last day, as time is a concept most of them will not have a developmental understanding of until age 8. Also, I do not want to generate any feelings of anxiety or abandonment.

I have truly LOVED being every child's teacher. They have touched my heart with their kindness. The have amazed me with their growth. Thank you for sharing your child with me. It has been an amazing year!