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Stop Running With the Crowd. Carefully Invest on E Cigarette Market

We all heard the news that recession is again gaining footholds in worldwide economy and yes, it’s not good news for anyone. Few months back, I was planning to make investment on share market but now bleak economy and muted stock market slammed the door on my plans. Now, I have no other option instead of waiting for the correct time to invest on any business or consumable products. I am sure that no one wants to play a game of gamble on the money and the same situation suits me also. Isn’t it?

Few days’ back one of my colleagues told me that many big investors are investing on the hot new e cigarette market as experts forecast this industry as the best investment spot. I was surprised and asked myself that is it really worth to invest on e cigarette industry? I don’t think so. We all know that e cigarette industry has lots many investors that already have e cigarette brands in development. In this situation, I think that emerging investors have to face tough competition with already existing best electronic cigarette brands. My experience says that this competition will restrict the future growth of existing e cigarette companies also and therefore, it is not a wise decision to invest in the market that has steady growth.

In my point of view, I believe that increasing competition may lead to price war and then war of quality, features of the products. It’s true that e cigarette industry nowadays is one of the best investment trend but it is also true that excess of anything is not good? Same situation is with investment of e cigarette industry. I am a great fan of V2 cigs but I never want to invest on e cigarette industry as the growing competition on e cigarette market will also affect the existing brands and restrict their growth. In this situation, is it a wise decision to wait for any hike on its share rates and do investment? Now I am waiting for the future result of high investments made by the investors nowadays