Origami Owl

Misty Delira 29348

Every Locket Tells A Story Whats Yours?

What is Origami Owl? It is a new jewelry line providing a unique concept - - completely customizable jewelry that allows you to "tell your story" through your design. You create your own Living Locket with the addition of charms, dangles, hand stamped plates and a chain reflecting your own personal style. You can also change the look of your locket by changing charms and dangles, or keep it as a signature piece. Origami Owl lockets also make a beautiful, meaningful gifts for friends and loved ones.

Looking to make your own living locket, host a jewlery bar and earn free jewlery, or join my team please feel free to contact me!

Thinking of having a girls night with your friends and family book a jewelry bar and create custom unique living lockets while earning free jewelry!