JPS Week Ahead for Parents

Week of February 4 - 8, 2019

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Global Play Day - Tuesday!

Global Play Day is a day of unstructured play that is celebrated at schools all over the world. Below is a Ted talk from Peter Gray on the decline of free, unstructured play. We encourage your child(ren) to bring in games/toys on Tuesday. Here's some guidelines and suggestions for toys:

  • no devices, no electronics, no screens
  • no toys that require batteries
  • Lego is awesome
  • dolls, action figures (no weapons please) are great
  • building blocks, yes please!
  • board games - absolutely
  • blankets (for tents!) are just plain fun!
  • Make sure they come in a bag that is labeled with your child's name

This Week...

Monday, February 4 - Day 5

Tuesday, February 5 - Day 1

  • Hot Lunch: cheese pizza

  • Girls' basketball - @ home (Storrington)

  • Global Play Day

Wednesday, February 6 - Day 2

  • Gr. 6- 8 music

Thursday, February 7 - Day 3

Friday, February 8 - Day 4

  • Gr. 6 - 8 music
  • Gr. 6 Swim to Survive
  • hot lunch: lasagna
  • MADD presentation for Grades 7 & 8

Upcoming Dates...

February 12 - Hot Lunch: pepperoni pizza

February 12 - Girls' basketball - home game (vs Molly Brant)

February 13 - Gr. 7 - 8 students to LaSalle for keynote speaker

February 13 - Boys' basketball - home game

February 14 - Red, White, Pink Day! Valentine's Day

February 15 - Hot Lunch: spaghetti

February 18 - Holiday (Family Day)

February 19 - Hot Lunch: cheese pizza

February 19 - Girls' basketball - home game (vs Odessa)

Feburary 19 - Ski Forms due by 9:05 am at the latest! (grades 6-8)

February 20 - Term 1 Reports home

February 20 - Boys' basketball home game

February 22 - Hot Lunch: jumbo meatballs

February 26 - Hot Lunch: pepperoni pizza

February 28 - Ski Trip (Grades 6-8)

March 1 - Hot Lunch: lasagna

March 5 - Hot Lunch: cheese pizza

March 8 - Hot Lunch: honey garlic chicken

March 1-8 - Carboard Challenge Week!

March 11-15 - March Break

A Few Reminders...

  • please ensure our bus drop off lane stays clear in the mornings and at the end of the school day - parents/guardians can park in the lot or on the road
  • please make sure end-of-day arrangements are made with your child's teacher (via a note or the agenda) and that your child knows how he/she is going home. We are finding that we are losing instructional time the last half hour of the day with having to disrupt classes to pull students out or call in with pick up information. Students are learning right up to 3:35 and if parents/guardians can wait to pick up until then, we'd appreciate it.
  • if you are picking up your child(ren) at the end of the day, please ensure that they are picked up at 3:35. We don't have supervision after school.

School Year Calendar Survey 2019-2020

The Limestone District School Board is requesting feedback about the 2018-2019 school-year calendar and possible options for the 2019-2020 school year. Families in our district are invited to take a few minutes to respond to several questions via an online survey. If you would prefer a paper version of the survey, please contact your school and a copy will be send home with your child, or you could come into the school to fill it out. The survey is open for responses until Friday, February 9. Your input is important to us and we appreciate your time in submitting your feedback and comments. For more information, please visit the school year calendar page on the LDSB website which also provides a link to the Ministry of Education website.
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