April 2018

Golden Dragon Book Awards: ANNOUNCING THE WINNERS!

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The students of Hong Kong have spoken and this is what they have told us...

They love humour and compassion in picture books.

They know that great authors write more than one great book.

They are interested in the balance between nature and technology.

They know that stories of friendship transcend culture.

We know this because these are the books they voted as their favourites this year:

Hoot Owl: Master Of Disguise

by Sean Taylor, illustrated by Jean Jullien

Gold Winner: Picture Books

Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask To Be In This Book)

by Julie Falatko

Silver Winner: Picture Books

We're All Wonders

by R.J. Palacio

Gold Winner: Debbie Alvarez Award for Picture Books

Suri's Wall

by Lucy Estella

Silver Winner: Debbie Alvarez Award for Picture Books

The Midnight Gang

by David Walliams

Gold Winner: Younger Readers

The Wild Robot

by Peter Brown

Silver Winner: Younger Readers

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

by JK Rowling

Gold Winner: Older Readers

Bronze and Sunflower

by Cao Wenxuan (translated from Chinese by Helen Wang)

Silver Winner: Older Readers

For more information about the Golden Dragon Book Awards and a full list of past winners, plus the shortlisted titles for this year, visit the GDBA website.

Eric Litwin: a musical singing book reading!

Eric Litwin has sold over 12 million books, has won 25 awards, and his stories have been translated into 17 languages. We were thrilled to have him entertain our students with a musical interpretation of his work, and he certainly did not disappoint! His wonderful sense of fun and humour came shining through and it was pretty obvious he started out his career as a primary school teacher.

His Characters

Eric came to Peak School through Bring Me A Book, an organisation that advocates family literacy in Hong Kong, and promotes reading for pleasure amongst children and parents. We love their message and work.

Through their effort, over 400 libraries have been installed throughout Hong Kong and over 150,000 children now have easy access to quality books. Over 25,500 parents and educators participated in their read aloud training programs.

Their work has proven without a doubt that reading to children does make a difference!

Festival Of Action

It is inspiring to watch the Year 6 students embark on their Festival of Action and embrace the topics that they are most passionate about. It always begins in the Library. This is where they can find books, magazines and online resources about their chosen subject. This year, we have curated the best sites for kids taking action and put them together in an online Magazine, so our students can go to one place to start their safe search for what they need.

Here is the LINK for our Festival of Action online magazine so you can take a look.

Discovery Time

On Friday mornings, the Year 1's now come into the Library as part of their Discovery Time, where they are free to explore the things that they are most interested in. It's been a most fascinating and entertaining time in the Library and it is amazing what these young minds want to know.

How are waves made?

What kind of dinosaurs are there?

How do fish live under water?

These are just some of the questions our little inquiring minds want to know!

Earth Day!

April 22nd was Earth Day and the Year 1's worked very hard to create their very own books entitled "I Love The Earth".

We love each and every one of these tiny eulogies.

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It's not just enough to keep the Library stocked and tidy. We are always looking for ways to innovate and to stay relevant to changing technology and an evolving curriculum.

What will Libraries look like in 2020?

What will we be like in 2025?

Kevin Hennah's Vision2020 workshop which was held at the ESF offices was full of inspiring ideas and thought-provoking questions that gave us much to think about for the future.

"Change is inevitable, however maintaining relevance is a matter of choice."

Leading By Example

We've all heard that setting an good example is one of the most effective leadership skills and also modelling the behaviour we expect from our children is good parenting practise. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that if we expect our children to become life-long readers, we should demonstrate the same thing ourselves.
So try to let your kids see you reading! Magazines, the SCMP, the FT, a novel at the beach or by the pool on holiday, a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon, the paper online at breakfast - anything to show them that you place reading as an important part of your day.



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