Le Monte Saint Michel

A Major French Tourist Attraction

Le Monte Saint Michel is a popular destination for tourists, located on the beaches of Normandy

The history of Le Mont St. Michel

Le Mont St. Michel was used in the 6th and 7th centuries as a stronghold for British and Roman culture, but was captured by the French. Before it was established it was known as Mount Tombe.

What to see in Le Mont St. Michel

You can go to see Le Mont St. Michel at anytime now due to some modern modifications. In Le Mont St. Michel you can see the fast changing tides, described to change as swiftly as horses. You can take an escalator to the top of the island to see all around it.

What i think of Le Mont St. Michel

I think seeing Le Mont St. Michel would be an eye opening experience on how towns were built in medieval times as well as a vast, eye opening experience to French culture.

Fun Facts

It is 358km from Paris
It is an entire medieval city
At full tide during the equinoxes it is completely surrounded by water

You used to only be able to see Le Mont St. Michel during the day because it was surrounded by water at high tide


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