My Fable

By: Audrey Sheldon

Polly and Patrick

Polly Parrot and Patrick Pirate have always been best friends. They have always stayed by each others side. One day Polly and Patrick's world changed. Patrick sailed to The Doughnut Shop. Patrick ordered seven doughnuts to eat for breakfast. When Patrick got home he shared the the doughnuts with Polly, but it all came down to the last piece. Polly and Patrick looked each other in the eye and knew t meant war. Patrick snatched the last doughnut out of Polly's beak. Polly became very mad at Patrick.

A few weeks had passed and Polly hadn't talked to Patrick at all. That day Polly ordered pizza from Deep Sea Pizza. Polly ordered nine slices of pizza to share with Patrick. When Polly got home she share the pizza with Patrick, but once again it all came down to the last piece. Patrick and Polly looked each other in the eye and knew it meant war ... again. This time Polly snatched the last slice of pizza out of Patrick's hand. After the second war had ended Polly and Patrick laughed , and they both apologized to each other. They also reunited and caught up wit each other. They both laughed happily ever after.

Theme: Two wrongs don't make a right.