Toy Story.

Who's "Woody"?

Sheriff Woody, is a very loyal cowboy doll whom has been Andy's favourite toy, since kindergarten. Woody is an extremely passionate & determined old fashioned pull-string cowboy doll who always throws himself into some crazy adventure. As soon as Woody has an instinctive thought, like; "I have to get out of here" or "I have to fix this" he does it with 100% commitment. Woody can be envious, is very determined and takes full leadership amongst all the other toys.


Woody, this cowboy doll; is profoundly jealous when a new toy (action figure) buzz light year enters Andy's life. All of the toys get extremely nervous, wondering if Andy will get a new toy that will replace them at his upcoming birthday party. Woody sends toy soldiers along with a surge down to the living room, so that they'll be able to spy on Andy while he opens his novel gifts. Ms davis pulls out a brand new Buzz LightYear action figure. Exitedly, Andy takes it up to his room & places him on a special place on his bed, where he usually places Woody. The other toys, seem to be very impressed by his cool features, except for woody, who is unconvinced, showing jealousy towards buzz; who he feels is replacing him as "Andy's favourite toy". Woody is very intimidated by Buzz's modern appearance, compared to his own rag doll appearance. As time goes by, Andy replaces many of his cowboy themed bedroom decorations to spaceship ones, causing woodys jealousy to rise even more. Later on, Andy's mom takes Andy to "pizza planet" and allows him to bring ONE of his toys along. Woody, knowing Andy would pick buzz, plans to trap him in a gap behind a desk, the plan goes wrong, and instead knocks him out the window by accident.

Leader / Guider

Woody plays the role of a very take-charge toy who is looked up to, replied on & listened to by all of the others. At the commencement of this movie (Toy Story), Andy and his family are getting ready for the big move. Woody, as the "leader" coordinates a gathering, informing the other toys about the move so that none of them get left abaft. On Andy's birthday, the toys are highly concerned because they're frightened that Andy will receive some cool, brand new toys and forget all about them. Woody calms them down by telling them things like "Andy won't forget about us" , "this happens every year, calm down!" As "the most looked up to toy" woody, sends toy soldiers along with a surge, down to the living room, so that all of the other toys would be able to spy on Andy while he opens his gifts. Woody sends the toys back to their "station" when designated. (When someone's coming)


Woody is determined, passionate and would clearly do anything for his dearest friends or apparently even his newest rival. When woody first met buzz, he was completely intimidated by him that he made a plan to push him behind Andy's desk so that Andy wouldn't be able to find him. His plan goes disastrously wrong when he accidentally knocks Buzz out of the window, resulting him being accused of murder out of jealous by the other toys. Andy was allowed to bring ONE toy along with him to pizza planet, he couldn't find buzz so he decides to take Woody. On their way there, they stop at a gas station in which Buzz climes into the car and confronts woody about pushing him out of the window, they both argue, which eventually leads to physically fighting & falling out of the car. The car drives away leaving Buzz & Woody stranded at this gas station. Woody was extremely determined to get back home before the move, or Andy could be gone forever. Woody spots a truck bound for Pizza Planet. They eventually arrive, while they're there, Buzz goes inside of a game shaped as a spaceship, thinking it would take him to his home planet. Sid (the evil neighbour who destroys toys) spots them, captures them & takes them home. At this point, Woody who is extremely terrified of Sid & determined to get back home will do anything to escape. To conclude, with Woody's efforts and instinctive thoughts, they do so get home.