Lenox Elementary

Family Newsletter-Distance Learning Edition 5/28/2020

Greetings Families,

It's hard to believe that we are wrapping up the end of our school year in a virtual format. We have 6.5 days left of distance learning and then summer begins. Thank you for your dedication in doing what you were able to handle during this time. We know that you put forth your best effort in these trying times and appreciate your support and dedication to your child's learning. Below you will find several pieces of important information regarding some end of the year items. There are a few things that we have not been able to determine a plan for yet due to various factors (distribution of lost and found items, science fair boards, yearbooks, etc.). We continue to limit interactions and are following all protocols. Thank you for your patience with us in figuring these things out. I will continue to be in communication regarding these items.

The uncertainty of what school will look like in the fall is weighing on many people's minds. I want to assure you that when there is a plan, it will be fully communicated to you by our district and our school. We have to wait on guidelines and protocols set forth by our Governor and the Oregon Department of Education. Just know that whatever plan is determined (continued off-site learning, a traditional on-site opening, or a hybrid model) we will make sure your children are safe, loved, and educated because we are educators and its what we do!

Warmest Regards,

Mrs. Gina McLain

Procedures for returning textbooks, library books & Chromebooks

Below is our procedure for returning textbooks, library books and Chromebooks (if needed).

Date: Monday, June 8th

Time: 9:00AM-4:00PM


  • Please return 6th grade Math Core Connections books

  • Please return 6th grade Health books

  • Reading textbooks DO NOT need to be returned. We have a new language arts adoption for next school year and are getting rid of old reading textbooks.

Library books--

  • Please return all library books. An email notice will be sent out next week listing all books checked out by your student(s).


  • We are encouraging ALL families to keep the school issued Chromebooks over the summer UNLESS:

    • You have or will be moving out of the Hillsboro School District. We need you to return the Chromebook and charger.

    • You don’t want to keep it over the summer, and in that case you may return it along with the charger.

Wifi Hotspots--

  • If you have a district issued wifi hotspot, you are encouraged to keep that over the summer to provide continued access.
  • If you do not want to keep it or you have moved or will be moving out of the district, please return it.

This will be a drop-off situation following the outlined procedures:

  • Drive into the bus lot (directly in front of the main entrance)

  • Get out of vehicle, practicing social distancing protocols and place your items on the designated tables at the main entrance

  • Return immediately to vehicle and exit bus lot

  • There will be a staff member present who will collect materials once you have returned to your vehicle

If you are staying in the Hillsboro School District and are not able to return items at this time, you can keep them until the fall when we will be collecting items again. Library books and textbooks will not be considered overdue given our current circumstances. If you are moving or have moved out of the district, we need you to return items. Thank you!

FYI...there will be more information coming out later about what to do if you have a technology problem over the summer with your Chromebook or hotspot.


When you receive your child's Semester 2 report card, you will notice that the marks will be different than they have been in the past. They will either receive an S for Satisfactory, an IE for Insufficient Evidence, or * for standards that were not taught/assessed during distance learning. Due to our distance learning, our grading for Semester 2 report cards will be based off of where a student was at as of our on-site school closure on March 13. Based on student work and assessments:
  • If a student was passing as of March 13th, they should receive a Satisfactory mark for that standard
  • If a student wasn't passing at that time and we gained more information during distance learning that demonstrated a passing mark for that standard, they can receive a Satisfactory mark for that standard
  • If a student wasn't passing at that time and their work during distance learning did not demonstrate a passing mark, or they did not complete work, they would receive an Insufficient Evidence mark for that standard
  • A student’s performance that may negatively impact the mark and/or a student’s lack of engagement will not move a mark from pass to not passing. Marks never get worse. They can only get better.