Media Literacy

Media to Me

The media is anything connecting people electronically. This includes the television, radios, newspapers, even social networking sights. Media assists people in finding out what they want to know and when they want to know it. With smartphones becoming the norm in most people’s lives, media is revolutionizing into a totally different source. Instead of media being only limited to television, radio and print, now, media has spread further into the digital world. As mentioned before, social networking sights are a type of media because they allow people to be updated about other people’s lives, whether they are famous or everyday average people. Now of days, there are so many social networking sights that it is hard to keep up with all of them. Also, the different sites allow people to discover different things about people. To illustrate, MySpace and Facebook allow people share their daily lives by posting status updates, photos, videos, lings, likes and dislikes, etcetera; however, on the other side of the spectrum, but not too far off, Vine only allows people to share videos, and SnapChat allows people to share only photos and videos. In short, media comes in all different forms. Furthermore, media allows people to discover what they would like to know right then and there. Media is so common in today’s society that people are becoming used to immediate gratification. For example, a person listens to the radio, theoretically, and the radio plays a song that the person likes but is unsure of the name. Instead of waiting to get home to search for the lyrics to discover the identity of the unknown song, she or he can use the application SoundHound on their phone which will listen to the song and immediately give a title and artist to the person. The virtue of patience is being lost. So, media has both pros and cons, but it’s a major part of modern society. In retrospect, to be media literate, a person must be aware of the different forms of media, and they must be able to use them properly and efficiently.

Super Bowl Commercial Precis

Jaguar 2014 Big Game Commercial | British Villains 'Rendezvous' | Jaguar USA

Jaguar: British Villains 'Rendezvous' Commercial

In the Super Bowl commercial, "British Villains 'Rendezvous'" (2014), Jaguar, known for being one of the top-of-the-line British Luxury auto brands, shows that in order for old Caucasian men to feel truly powerful, they must drive a Jaguar. The Jaguar company expresses this idea by showing a bunch of old, power-tripping British villains who claim to only drive Jaguars. By using this example, they display they average upper class white man as powerful, and in order to feel truly powerful, they must own a Jaguar. The Jaguar company's main target audience is obviously upper class white men because the commercial only displayed cunning, intelligent, and of course, powerful white men to represent their brand, which in the end, creates an antagonistic, yet nostalgic tone.
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Kinetic Typography

When the topic of today’s generation comes up, what do you think of? Maybe you think about how advanced we have become in technology, or maybe you think about how to stay fit with the help of Michelle Obama. Well, if someone were to ask me this question, the first thing that would come to my mind would be the lack of social skills. The youth of today have no idea how to carry on a conversation without a quick look at their phone. Furthermore, the smartphone creates a constant distraction. I cannot tell you how many times I have attempted to have a conversation with some of my fellow peers only for them to be gazing at their phone throughout the entire conversation and respond with the occasional “uh-huh, “yeah,” or “okay. Then, once they come out of their hypnotic state, they look up at me from their screen and say the four most repeated words in this generation: “What did you say?” This is the epitome of my frustration. The lack of social skills is definitely crippling our generation’s future. Without social skills, how are we supposed to thoroughly express our ideas to one another? Also, if we do not know how to hold a conversation in a professional manner, how are we expected to succeed in the business world? Honestly, if I were to put the blame on anyone, it would have to be the generation that came before us. If our parents would have just taken the time to teach us how to communicate with others politely and effectively, our generation would not be going through this social crisis. In like fashion, I fear what is to become of the future generations. I often wonder if they will go down the same unsocial path or if they will rebel against our beliefs and create an entirely new nation of what this country used to be. In other words, will they choose technology, or will their decision have to do with more person-to-person contact? In the end, it is their choice. In my honest opinion, however, I believe that they will choose technology. Our society is beginning to become so dependent on our technological devices that we start to get anxious when it is not within our sights for a whole thirty seconds. With this dependency comes the crippling effect. If everyone were to lose their devices for a whole month, heaven forbid that they would have to write an actual letter to each other as a means of communication. I don’t mean to rant on about this issue, but I just believe that there needs to be a call to action immediately. The youth of today desperately need to learn what social skills are and how to use them in the real world. Whether they learn from a social skill class, or just from their parents, the ending result will be crucially beneficial to this nation, socially and economically. If a solution is not solved soon, I fear that our generation is headed toward a devastating social disaster.

Satirical News Story

Becoming the Hunk Magnet

Mikhaila Miller, Advice Reporter

Mon March 24, 2013

GWINNETT – The key to win a man’s heart is not as complicated as one might think after all.

“Most men are attracted to the physical appearance of women rather that their inner appearance,” says relationship expert Dr. Knowzitol. So ladies, it’s time to start to dress to the nines to win that hunk of beef cake that you saw at Bubba’s Redneck Barbeque.

First off, men love women who have that natural look. They never seem to get enough of it! So, to pull this off, you must have the “No Shave November” mentality every month of the year. Once next spring comes around, you will be able to show off those sexy hairy legs, which is one step in becoming a hunk magnet.

Next, it is necessary to remember that men love women with thin lips. This is one of the reasons why many men are attracted to old British ladies because they are known for constantly pursing their lips, causing that thin lip appearance. Now, this will take some practice, so I recommend that you watch a whole season of Downton Abbey so that you have the whole British mindset down. Now, you’re one step closer to reeling in that nice, big codfish.

To add on to your everlasting sex appeal, it is critical that you are always dressed to impress. Men love a woman who is simple and not too flashy. To get this look, you make sure that you are always in baggy clothes. Furthermore, you must make sure that your colors go together perfectly. An example of this would be an orange and purple t-shirt paired with some green sweats and brown boots, because brown goes with everything. This image will definitely get you a man in no time.

Now, let’s discuss hair. For your hair, it’s best to only wash it once a week. This way, you can get that attractive greasy look. To add on, only have your hair either flat against your cranium or up in a super sloppy bun. Men won’t be able to resist you then.

In like fashion, the nails are also important to remember. It’s true that most men to not pay much attention to the nails, but with these tips, you will definitely get them to notice. Remember, men like natural, so never paint your nails. Also, don’t even clean under or around them. This way, the gentlemen callers will be able to see where you have come from and where you are going. Furthermore, let out you inner wild side and grow out those claws. There is nothing sexier than a woman with claws, just ask any man.

By following these steps, you are bound to fine the man of your dreams within the next ten years, which is basically in no time at all.

“I followed these here steps exactly,” says Norma Willers. “Now I’s married to my cousin Jase. I’s the luckiest girl in town!”

So, why not let you become the next success story like Norma? Now that you have all the right tips to get you started, you are off to becoming an irresistible woman that no one will forget.

1984 Response

I believe that 1984 could have had a better ending. I do not like how Winston just goes aout his life by, supposedly, changing his beliefs. Furthermore, I do not like how Winston just goes on with his lifelike nothin happened. I was expecting him to escape somehow, or possibly lead a revolution like V did in "V For Vendetta." I also wonder if Winston was truly brainwashed into believing that Big Brother is wonderful, was he just faking it to survive and not have is face attacked by rats? I just don't believe that the ending was appropriate for the stroy line; however, the ending was surprising. My expectations of the ending were probably higher than the outcome because I am so used to reading stories with the "happy ending," when in reality, happy endings do not always exist. Also, the fact that this novel revolved around a dystopia could have possibly been a reason why Orwell chose to end the story this way. I just wish that something amazing would have happened instead of life continuing the same way as it did in the beginning. Even though Winston is not as "blind" anymore, he still continues to live as if he is. If i were the author, I would have made Winston the dystopian hero. I would have had Winston help other people open their eyes to the reality of the oppressive government, and he would have led the people in fighting against Big Brother. I suppose that Orwell's intention was to deliver the message that not every story has a perfect ending and that everyone conforms to expectations whether they want to or not.

Performance Final: Reflection

Over the course of this semester, the Media Literacy class has taught me much about what media truly means. Before taking this course, I had no idea that media was such a broad subject. From television to social media sites, media is everywhere we look. Also, I never realized how much my smart phone did for me before taking the Media Literacy Class. My phone is basically the key element that links me to almost all the social media in the world. Along with the media aspect of the class, the literary elements of the class taught me about different types of literature. Learning about Shakespeare truly opened my eyes to a whole new world. Furthermore, I must admit that reading about dystopias were my favorite. I will forever remember learning about “V for Vendetta” and reading 1984. The subject of dystopia changed the way that I look at modern society. Overall, the Media Literacy class helped me better understand the world around me.

Aside from teaching me many things that I feel would actually be helpful for me in the future, the Media Literacy class showed me a totally new aspect of Language arts. In past language arts class that I’ve taken, I felt as though they focused on writing. It seemed like every other week we were getting a new essay to write. In contrast, this Media Literacy class focused more on reading and reflecting on what we learned by using the means of social media, as in the Smores. Honestly, I enjoyed this class much more that my other language arts classes because it was actually interesting. It taught me more than just reading and writing skills. It taught be about the actual world that I live in. In retrospect, I appreciate this class for teaching me more than the average academic class.

For final consideration, the Media Literacy course was interesting and educational. Though I enjoyed the class, there are some minor tweaks that I would make to allow a student to get the most out of the course. First off, I would not read Freakonomics because I feel like it doesn’t have much to do with the course. Instead, I believe that it would be helpful in an economics course, or even a sociology course. Also, I would add more Smore assignments to give students more chances to reflect on what they are learning. In conclusion, there is not much that I would change about this class, and I hope that future students are able to enjoy the Media Literacy course as much as I did.