Mrs. Lyons' Class Week 22

Math, Science, Social Studies

February 1st - 5th


February is such a pretty month! I love seeing hearts and red and pink everywhere!

This month students will need to create a valentine card box for our Valentine Party on Feb12th. A large box works best as they will fill quickly. This can be done as simply or elaborate as you wish! Please send box by February 12th (Party day)

Test Schedule

Friday, February 5th

Math: Chapter 13

Excel: Test 8

Timed Math Facts

Science: Matter

Chapter 13 Study Guide:

Draw the minute hand, draw the hour hand.

Write 1,2,3 to show the order of events

Draw an X if the given activity takes more than a minute

Show the time two ways (digital clock and ____ o'clock)

Write how long the activity takes if it starts at 8:00 and ends at 9:00 ( ____hour)

Calendar skills: How many Thursdays are in the given month

If yesterday was January 20th, what day will tomorrow's date be?

Homework Packet

Due on or before Friday, February 5th

Packet includes:

  • 13.6 -13.9
  • Science: Solids and Liquids


We will be working on telling time as well as calendar skills this week. We will begin having a weekly timed test every Friday on math facts as we are reaching the point where students should be working towards mastering addition and subtraction facts through 10. Continue to practice rainbow math fact cards at home!


This week we will learn about Solids and Liquids with a lesson from our textbook. We will conduct a science experiment with candy hearts. We will make predictions as to whether they will float or sink!

Groundhog's Day

Monday we will take a survey to predict if the groundhog will see it's shadow on Tuesday! We will end the day with one of our Groundhog story books!

Social Studies Focus This Week:

We will work in our Maps,Globes,and Graphs book as well as preparing for the IOWA test.

Student Wish List

I've just added the first 10 books in a new series of flip and solve dry erase math books. We are in need of skinny dry erase Expo markers for students to use with these books. Our class will be so appreciative of any donations!

Mrs. Trettin sent us a 4pack last week and they were perfect for these books! (Thanks Mrs. Trettin!)

Click Here to Order Scholastic Reading Club Books!

Ms. Lyons' Class Code: N8L6R. Every book you order earns free books for our classroom!

Scholastic Book Orders

Students LOVE getting scholastic books! Their faces light up! Please look at Scholastic to encourage a love of books. NOW is the time to get your kids excited about reading. They have great books for as little as $1. Some students don't understand why book boxes come and some get books, but they don't. I hope each student gets at least one book order this year! You also help our class earn points for classroom books! You can order online with my class code (link above) or send the flyer order form and a check.

Students earn classroom rewards with each book order.