geocity project

Wahoo beach

when you pass along Hawaii you'll find beautiful navy blue water swaying along the wahoo beach as pink,orange , and yellow houses hover over it. shimmering seashells lay on top of the glistening sand, As we take in the relaxing evening on the beach.

Hotel Mania

when you drive along the obtuse, acute , and right angle you will find a pretty hotel called hotel mania it even has a scrumptious restaurant with many tables and chairs outside to eat!!! it is painted fluorescent orange with many different rooms to visit. It also has a parking lot to park any type of cars or trucks.

Surf Shop

you can do many things at Hawaii but one top hit is surfing! The best place you can get supplies for surfing is surf shop. They have everything you need! they got swimsuits, surfboards, and some jewelry etc.

The mallie volcano

The Millie volcano is a huge volcano that's fun to look at and climb!!!!!

Why you want to visit

When you drive into Hawaii you glance ant the beautiful sign that says Welcome To Hawaii your head turns left and you find a fusia purple store called surf shop it's a wonderful place to get surf equipment. When my head turns to the right I find a giant hotel where you could stay and it also has a restaurant, yippee!!!! It is called hotel mania you can also visit the volcano and the beautiful wahoo beach!!! Where you can view the ocean in the distance!!!!!

Shapes and lines

There's many different shapes including lots of rectangular prisms and also you can just look at the littlest things like the triangular prism which is a piece of cheese. There's also many more!!!!