FMS Counseling Services

August 2021

Meet your 2021-2022 Counseling Services Team

Our Mission

The mission of the Fannin Middle School Counseling Team is to provide a proactive, comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate program to address students’ academic and career goals in addition to supporting their personal and social needs. We can accomplish this through a partnership with parents/guardians, staff, and community members to enable all students to become successful, productive citizens and lifelong learners in a diverse and changing world.

Our Vision

The vision of the Fannin Middle School Counseling Team is to empower all students to reach their maximum potential by using a comprehensive program that will address academic, personal/social, and career goals. We will promote an environment to encourage personal inquiry and growth, social responsibility, and academic excellence. School counselors believe that every student can succeed through the collaborative efforts of school, home, and community leading to responsible and productive citizenship in the 21st century.

Upcoming Events

Be Kind Monthly Theme

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August is Be Kind: Make New Friends.

Start with Hello is designed to help students and school staff members create and sustain an inclusive school culture/community by implementing three simple steps:

See Someone Alone

Reach Out + Help

Start with Hello

Campus Kindness Crews sponsor the Start with Hello program which is designed to help students and school staff members create and sustain an inclusive school culture/community by implementing three simple steps:

1) See Someone Alone

2) Reach Out and Help

3) Start with Hello

Be Kind: Make New Friends

Handprints on heart

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In Grand Prairie ISD, school counselors and/or social workers oversee the Handprints on Hearts Mentoring Program at the campus level. Volunteer mentors are paired with a student or a small group of students in various grade levels at each campus. The mentor works to build relationships with the students and to offer encouragement and guidance to help mentee students reach their full potential as students and as individuals.

What is mentoring?

  • The purpose of mentoring students is to help them along their path to becoming thoughtful, engaged, self-aware citizens.
  • Mentoring is about encouragement and inspiration. It is about investing time and energy in other people because other people matter to us.
  • Mentoring is about believing in the unlimited potential of every young person served while allowing them to reach their potential in their own unique time frame.

What are the benefits of mentoring?
Results of successful mentoring relationships showed that students experienced improved achievement rates, improved sociological and emotional support, enhanced skills development as well as greater personal growth.

Students are chosen based on recommendation. If you child was not chose, but you’d like them to be mentored, please contact us.

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Want to request a schedule change? Click and fill out the link below. Please keep in mind schedule changes are not guaranteed.

Schedule changes will be made for the following reasons:

1. Academic misplacement – Student is placed in the wrong level of class (Honors/GT vs. regular pace) or is placed in a class without meeting the pre-requisite (Did not meet the requirement on STAAR).

2. Program/Elective change- Student has been accepted into an academic program or the student is no longer enrolled in a specific program of study (choir, band, orchestra, etc.).

3. Missing an academic class- Student is missing a core class such as English, Social Studies, Math, or Science.

4. To balance classes so that overcrowding does not occur.

Los cambios de horario se realizarán por las siguientes razones:

1. Colocación académica equivocada: el estudiante se coloca en el nivel incorrecto de clase (Honores / GT vs. clase regular) o se coloca en una clase sin cumplir con el prerrequisito (No cumplió con el requisito de STAAR).

2. Cambio de programa / electivo: el estudiante ha sido aceptado en un programa académico o el estudiante ya no está inscrito en un programa de estudio específico (coro, banda, orquesta, etc.).

3. Falta de una clase académica: el estudiante le falta una clase requerida como inglés, estudios sociales, matemáticas o ciencias.

4. Equilibrar las clases para que no se produzca hacinamiento.

Once you have made your request please give the counselors a few days to review your request. Check Skyward daily for any changes. Thank you

Una vez que haya hecho su solicitud, dé a los consejeros unos días para revisar su solicitud. Consulte Skyward diariamente para ver si hay cambios. Gracias


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Xello is an engaging, fun-to-use software that students can access online, at school or at home. Students can even access Xello from their mobile devices. Using Xello, students plan their journeys toward the future by creating their very own unique roadmap for future success.

The program is implemented through the GPISD Counseling Services Department at every elementary and secondary campus. The mission of the Counseling Service Department is to guide students from cradle to career, making every student future-ready!

Get started on the journey to becoming future-ready by logging in to Xello.

Logging in to Xello

Username: GP-Student ID Number (no spaces)

Password: fllllmmdd

  • f: first letter of the first name
  • llll: first four letters of the last name
  • mm: the month of birth
  • dd: day of birth


Canvas Site

Canvas from your child's view

How to log in to Canvas-

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Updating Content Keeper

English Logging into Content Keeper-

Spanish Logging into Content Keeper-

FMS Bell Schedule

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University of the Month

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Name: Texas Christian University

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Mascot: Horned Frog

Annual Tuition & Fees: 19,268 (based of 2020-2021)

Majors & Programs Offered:

For more information:

Schedule Change Request

Please keep in mind, this is a request only. Due to availability schedules may not be altered.

Please click below and complete request

Last day to submit a schedule change request is September 1, 2021

Mental Wellness

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Everyone needs someone to talk to. DialCare is standing by.

In addition to the continuing counseling services provided by campus counselors and social workers, Grand Prairie ISD is offering an opportunity for students in 6th through 12th grades to receive virtual counseling services with a trained licensed professional counselor before and after school hours and weekends through DialCare. Counseling is available through the app or on the phone.

Adolescents are often faced with social-emotional challenges that may be difficult for them to handle on their own. Many times, just having the chance to talk through these issues can lead to personal growth and wellness. Actively taking steps to improve one's overall well-being and happiness is a key component of self-care. Self-care plays a vital role in helping adolescents cope with and conquer the challenges of life, especially during these unprecedented times.

This program is easy to use:

• Students can schedule counseling sessions Monday through Friday before or after school hours and on Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Counseling sessions should not be scheduled during school hours.

• Our mental health professionals will reach out via phone or video chat upon request.

• Consultations are available in both English and Spanish.

How it works:

Step 1: Students can schedule an appointment by app, website or phone: 844-249-4094

When signing in through the website or app, your member ID is your student ID

Step 2: Our mental health professionals will reach out to the student via phone or video chat at the scheduled appointment time.

Step 3: Appointments can last up to 30 minutes.