Water Conservation

Why? How?

Is Life Worth The Turn Of A Knob?

Every day billions of gallons of water is wasted and millions of families go without fresh drinking water. By turning of a faucet or fixing a pipe you can save lives and provide fresh water for millions. With the turn of the faucet knob you save lifes, so think is life worth the turn of a life? We think yes!

Americans Wasting Water?

Every day because of leaking pipes that go unfixed it is estimated that seven billion gallons of water is wasted by americans. With this wasted water we could provide 3.5 billion people with fresh water everyday.


Why Should We Fix This Issue?

By fixing small things such as pipes or turning the faucet off when you brush your teeth you can save billions of gallons a day. With this perserved water we can provide for billions around the world.


Water Conserving Faucets

By using a water faucet with a sensor on it then it eliminates wasted water by turning the flow of when you are drying your hands or brusing your teeth.

Don't Flush Trash!

Every time you flush a cigarette butt you waste 5 to 7 gallons of water by making that water contaminated and not being able to be re-used.

So What Will You Do?

Now that you know what will you do? Will you turn the knob? Will you save a life? Let others not as fortunate as you live a healthy life. You can always make a difference by donating and volunteering in your comunity. TURN THAT KNOB!


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