Loyalty to Friends

Freak the Mighty poster


Freak the Mighty is mainly about two loyal friends who find each other by realizing they're neighbors. For the most part, they are opposites. One is an abnormally small, disabled boy with extreme knowledge. The other is an abnormally large boy with learning disabilities. Freak helps Max with his studies, and thats where the friendship starts to blossom.


Man vs Society- Freak is versing society. He knows he gets pointed and whispered about. On the outside it doesn't seem to phase him... But something has to be happening inside. With Max along with him all the time helps the snickers because people are too afraid to mess with Max. Just like when Freak was giving "lip" to blade, he was depending on Max to get in there if things got physical. Yet, Max doesn't know how to fight, and doesn't want to.


"You dont need a time machine if you know how to remember." Freak is saying, that all you have to do is use your brain for all that you need. Your mind is a much stronger tool than you think it is. Any information you want to remember again, is always right there... just reach for it a little more.


Freak and Blade. Freak has more of a mental strength, Blade has more physical. Blade runs with the popular people and everyone respects him. Freak is looked down upon and is treated unfairly. In the title, you see that Freak is the "mighty", he is. In his own way.