Illegal drug By:Jake Amendola

Slang terms

  • Volatile Solvents
  • Aerosols
  • Gases


  • mood swings

  • extreme anger, agitation, and irritability

  • exhaustion

  • loss of appetite

  • frequent vomiting

  • hallucinations and illusions

  • facial rashes and blisters

  • frequent runny nose and cough

  • dilated pupils

  • glazed or watery eyes

  • extremely bad breath

The effects on the body

People inhale chemical vapors in several ways, including sniffing, snorting, or spraying the inhalant directly into the nose or mouth, putting it into a bag or other container and then inhaling from there, putting the vapor onto a rag, or inhaling nitrous oxide from balloons.

Because the high from inhalants only lasts a few minutes, some people may inhale over and over again for long periods of time to maintain the high, increasing the amount of dangerous chemicals entering and damaging the body.

Medical use

This is what you might find in doctor offices are chloroform and nitrous oxide.


Be cool and don't do drugs. Many people say that drugs are fun and make you cool but they are not cool and fun they are a wast of time and they can worry your life goal like if you want to be a baseball player you would have to be fit and not do drugs so if you take drugs stop but if you think of starting do do so do something different like hanging out with your friends or sports. my anti drug is volleyball what is yours? Be cool and don't do drugs.