Why should a city be sustainable?

A city should be sustainable because a sustainable development includes ecology, economics, politics, culture. First you should built a enviroment which includes houses,roads and energy plants. Than agriculture which includes food,animal feed and textiles. Thirdly fishing than forest use, grazing land and fossil fuels. These things will really help to make a city sustainable.

Six types of urban land use.

In townsville these are the 6 types of urban land use and these percentages are measured on a typical townsville city.

  • Residential-40%
    This is where people live and the type of housing in an area is based on residential density,defined by number of housing units in a hectare.
    examples: houses, apartments
  • transportation-32%
    This is the land which is used for moving people and goods from one place to another.
    includes: sidewalks,Roads,highways,subways,streetcars,railroad tracks,freight yards,airports,marinas and any other land that is used for transportation.
  • Institutional-10%
    This is the land which is occupied by school,hospitals,government offices and places of worships like mosque and church.
  • open space-7%
    This land is now vacant,or left in a natural state(like a woodlot) , or land that is for recreational use like parks,playground,community centres.
  • Industrial-6%
    This is a land which is used for industry.
    some examples: factories, warehouses, power plants or places of resource extraction like mines.
  • Commercial-5%
    This land is set aside for commercial activities.This includes any land use which is used for buying, selling or trading goods and services.