Best Minecrafter EVER!!!!!!!!!

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Stampy loves cake. Stampy lives happily with all his dogs and his cat Mittens. Stampy has a love garden and he enters a new person into the love garden every video. The only rule of the love garden is your not allowed to ask to be put in the love garden.
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Stampy's best Friend

This is stampy's best friend L For Lee. He is most of Stampy's Minecraft videos and he helps Stampy a lot.
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Stampy's Bedroom

This is Stampy's bedroom. He starts every video here. He goes out on his pourch and then eats his breakfast. He has cake for breakfast
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Stampy's attacker

This is Hit the Target, Stampy's arch rival. He is always trying to steel Stampy's dogs. He almost burned Stampy's house down in video 338 called Hot Spot. Hit the Target is evil and must pay for what he has done to Stampy.
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Stampy's Dogs

This is one of Stampy's many loved dogs. His name is Barnaby. Hit the target stole Barnaby once but then Stampy saved him.

We love Stampy

Stampy you are the best minecrafter ever. Please keep on making video.