Digital Citenzenship

Jayven J. Period-4

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Rule #1: Digital Etiquette

THINK before you post:

Is what you are about to post True, Helpful, Inspriational, Necessary, Kind?

Rule #2: Information Privacy

Don't put personal information to the world:

Check the webstite, is it Current? Relivant? Authority? Accuracy? or does it have a Purpose?

Rule #3: Social Networking

Your profile is your idenity:

Don't put things online that you wouldn't want others to see.

Rule #4: Online Safety

Keep your information to yourself:

Don't include your name, number, adress,etc.

Rule #5: Cyberbullying

Don't talk bad about people online:

It can be said on social media, text, and in person.

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Rule #6: Plagiarism

Don't take controll of others work or creations:

plagiarism can lead to bad grades, it's better to just create your own things.

Rule #7: Copyright

You can't use things without giving credit to the owners:

It's a legal protection given to authors of created works.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is basically broken down into 7 rules that you MUST follow to be safe. According to those 7 rules, those rules can help you in your life but also can not help you in your life. You could prevent the rules by just watching over your life and making sure you are carefull of what you are saying online.

Why should we all follow Digital Citizenship Rules?

We should follow digital citizenship rules because if you don't it can hurt you as such as when you get older and when you get older will be the time for you to try to get accepted in to college. If you are not following the rules and if you were giving information about your personal life it could possibly harm you and hurt you in bad ways.