Thinking in Pictures:

My life with Austism

By: Temple Grandin

Social contexts of autism

  • Around one percent of the world's population is on the autism spectrum.
  • Specifically in the United States three and a half million of three hundred eighteen million are living with this disorder.
  • With this amount of society affected majority of the population come into contact with autism throughout their life.
  • The treatment of individuals with autism is very different compared to an average person.
  • Education of the general public will allow for better interactions that will benefit both parties.

Autism's Effect

  • Autism is measured on the autism spectrum, used to measure the severity of the affect on the individual, has one common symptom throughout: lack of social skills.
  • Children and adults with autism struggle with communication. This disconnect with communication skills is present in verbal and non-verbal communication. During the childhood this shows up in ways such as distaste for activities other children partake in, and obsessions with different toys and objects.
  • Since these individuals struggle with social cues, they are often thought of as unintelligent, which is not correct.
  • There are many people who are gifted and autistic. High functioning autism usually correlates into great success.
  • Individuals with autism perceive the world differently than most; a lot of autistic people are extremely visual thinkers. This helps them be successful in areas such as designing and creating.
Thinking In Pictures PSA

Helping the Autistic

As a society we are very uneducated and unaware of how to interact with autistic people. To fix this problem we must start with education, to better understand the disorder to improve our way of interacting with people with autism. The education should be the first step to creating a more understanding society. This understanding needs to be of the way autistic people think to allow them to progress and to be able to work efficiently. Research of the autistic mind will improve this understanding because the educational aspect can be expanded when doctors and scientists have more knowledge.

Modern Context

  • There are 3.5 million Americans affected by autism, and about 1% of the world as a whole.
  • This means that, although it may not seem like a large number compared to those who aren’t affected, it is still a pertinent issue in today's society.
  • Even in the large percentage of the world that is not affected by autism, most know an individual that is. This means that millions of people can directly relate to the novel Thinking In Pictures.
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  • As we’ve mentioned before, many people are affected by autism. Whether they have the disorder themselves or know someone who does, they experience the effects of autism on a day-to-day basis.
  • There are many children in schools that have autism and interact with their peers multiple times throughout the day. Thinking In Pictures is relatable to not only those with autism, but also their peers who interact with them.


  • There are many brilliant authors that are affected by autism much like Temple Grandin. Some of these authors are incredibly famous and successful.
  • Their success allows for the average individual to relate to autistic individuals.