10 Day Challenge

and so it begins


Thank you again for volunteering for this opportunity. As the next 10 days proceed we will send you a daily message (like this one) that will give you suggestions, things to think about, and provide support. Each day we have selected a video that either imparts factual information about why this way of eating works or a motivational video that will show you what healthy eating has done for others. At the bottom of all of these newsletters there is room for comment. Please feel free to ask questions or offer suggestions there or through a direct email to Shari or myself or the coaches in your building:

Karen Dellert

Primary Maureen Unterborn, Diane Osterling, Allison Murphy, Rebecca Feistel, Shari Schmidt

Intermediate Amy Smith-Faczan

Junior High Kim Przybysz

High School Vivian Richelsen

District Linda Izzo

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The First Step

You have all taken the first step. It is a journey to better health and better nutrition. There are many reasons you are all here. Some of you have shared those reasons with us. For many it may be weight-loss, for others medical issues. As we shared before, every step you take towards eating this way will have a positive effect on your body. Shari and I are here to help you reach those goals, whatever those goals may be. All of us, as a group, can be a support network for each other. What ever problems you have transitioning to this way of eating we have experienced ourselves so feel free to reach out.
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Video of the Day: Listen to Rip Esselstyn

Rip is the son of the famed Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Esselstyn. He is the spokesperson for Whole Foods and wrote the book The Engine 2 Diet. He has a line of foods through Whole Foods. His TedX talk is a good one. Don't worry about his mention of his 28 day challenge. You have already taken the first step. He shares a lot of information in this short talk.
Plant-strong & healthy living: Rip Esselstyn at TEDxFremont

Everyone Has Their Struggles

Everyone has their struggles and their demons they battle on a day to day basis. Seeing what others have overcome can be inspiring. I consider Josh a friend who has helped many. Due to his support his own family has lost over 800 pounds!
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Josh LaJaunie: From 400 Pounds and Unhealthy to Cover Model Ultramarathoner BY CELESTE GONZALEZ

For most of his life, Josh LaJaunie believed that being big came with being a LaJaunie. The Louisiana native grew up in a food culture that consisted of buckets of crawfish, jambalaya, and deep-fried Cajun dishes.

By 2009, he topped the scale at 420 pounds. When a friend asked him to join the gym, he agreed it was time. While walking on a treadmill flipping through an old issue of Runner’s World, he read about how running was a good fat-burning workout. Inspired, he put on a pair of running shoes and started to run, lose weight, and get healthier.

In the spring of 2013, Josh’s life and body took another radical turn when he decided to adopt a plant-based diet. His new lifestyle led to faster running times, leaner muscles, and a new perspective on life.

see the video on the site https://www.forksoverknives.com/josh-lajaunie-400-pounds-unhealthy-cover-model-ultramarathoner/


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