IT Risk Managers, LLC

Each IT Outsourcing Service Is Designed According To a Particular Reality

IT Risk Managers, LLC consist of full outsourcing of IT in an organization, can cover services, applications and / or technological infrastructure, ranging from the provision of the Platform (Hardware) to Datacenter Services, IT Business Consulting, Outsourcing and implementation and Application Support and Maintenance of all systems, including Disaster Recovery services or other specific services that add value to your business.

IT Risk Managers, LLC as technological operator World Class, and understanding that each service outsourcing is designed according to a particular reality, adjusting their service model has historically opposed combining two attributes: firstly practices and economies of scale offers a world-class company; and on the other, the ability to adapt swiftly and offer a value proposition in each market involved. Our full IT Project Services and solutions have supported major companies to use IT as a driver to transform companies, adding value to your business endeavor by an alignment with company strategy.

IT Risk Managers, LLC provides extensive technical staff able to provide ongoing support and quality management of networks and systems. Our staff is composed of specialized technicians, engineers and consultants, trained to provide support to its customer’s microcomputer. IT Risk Managers provides support and Help Desk services either remotely (exclusive or mutualized) or with displaced staff in customer premises.

We help Companies Bridge the gap and ensure technology decisions are aligned with business requirements.