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Districtwide Information for the Week of 2/15


President's Week Break

During this week break from school, please remember that if you travel more than 120 miles for non-essential travel, your student will be asked to quarantine for 14 days prior to returning to campus. Please contact the site Principal to discuss when they can return to campus. Thank you for keeping our campus safe.


Please remember all students that come on campus must be screened at home using the Qualtrics daily screening. This is emailed to the student email accounts daily. There is an option to add a parent cell phone number to receive a morning text with the survey. The questions have been updated so please read through them carefully before replying.

One of the new questions on the survey asks about non-essential travel. If your child has traveled more than 120 miles from home within the last 14 days on non-essential travel, we ask that they stay home and quarantine prior to coming back onto campus. If marked "yes" the survey will direct you to contact the site principal to determine a return to campus date. Thank you so much for ensuring student safety as we return to on-campus learning.

If you have any questions please contact Mr. Grimmett at 707-273-2113 at Pine Hill, or Mrs. Becksted at 707-296-8776 at South Bay. Thank you.

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