Correctional Officer

By Miguel Mata

Career Research

Correctional Officer is a person responsible for the safety ,security, and supervision of prisoners in a jail or a prison.


Enforce rules

supervise activities of inmates

search and check inmate for contraband items

inspect the prison for it safety and meet the standards of security and safety

They ensure the whereabouts of all inmates at all time

Enforce regulation that must be follow by the prisoner if not punishment is involved and loss of privileges to

Check cells for anything contraband

Report any inmate who violate the rules


Must have at least a high school diploma

Must be between 18 and 21 year of age typically which is the minimum

Must be US citizens and must not have a felony convictions


Federal, State, and some local department of corrections provide training for correction officer by ACA ( American Correction Association)

During the training number of subjects, including self-defense

After the formal training academy instruction , state and local correctional agencies provide on-the-job training. Trainees typically go several week or months under the supervision of a experienced officer.

Correctional Officer also are member of prison tactical response team trained to take on a riot or hostage etc

They practice on self defense on prisoner including how to disarm a weapon or tactic to maintain safety for the officer and inmates alike

Job Skills: Military Experience is recommeded and good preparation

Job Outlook: 4%

Salary: $39,780 (May 2014)

Work Environment:

May work inside or outside

some prisons are modern and temperature controlled while other are hot, overcrowded, and noisy

Injuries are very high which working is stressful and dangerous

The job demand Officer to be alert and ready during the entire shift

High School Preparation

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Extra Curricular Activites:



Basketball etc



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